Famous Types of Gold Coins

Coins are commonly scattered all over the house and it is not uncommon for us to find a stash of old coins hidden in one of our closets. Unknown to some of us, some old coins can be worth a lot of money. The problem is that not everyone can recognize famous types of old coins that are very valuable. Some can be worth thousands of dollars if they are sold at auctions. There was even an instance when a woman from the United States earned nearly $100,000 after selling a stash of old coins she found hidden in her garage. Had she not known the value of those old coins, she might have just put them away somewhere. Lucky for her, she knew they were valuable. One gold coin from that collection sold at $633 and that was just for a single coin. Listed below are the different types of valuable coins from 1907.

$20 Double Eagles Category:

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

This double eagle gold coin was in circulation from 1907 until 1933. It was named after its designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens who also created the inauguration medallion in 1905. This magnificent $20 double eagle gold coin is said to be the most beautiful among the valuable gold coins in the US. One side of the coin depicts the image of the Lady Liberty with torch in hand while the other side features an American Eagle with widespread wings. Majority of these coins were melted and converted into gold bars in 1933 as mandated by the US Congress.

Liberty Double Eagle

This coin was in was in minted between 1849 and 1907. It is known as the “King of American Coins”. The US Congress ordered the production of the Liberty Double Eagle after the gold rush in California. On one side it shows an eagle with spread wings and on the other is a classic Greek interpretation of the Lady Liberty.

$10 Eagles from 1907:

Indian Head Eagle

This is another great design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It was first minted in 1907 and remained in circulation until 1933. On one side it shows an Indian Chief with a war headpiece and on the other side is a perched American eagle.

Liberty Head Eagle

It was first minted in 1938 and was circulated until 1907. It is one of the most circulated coins in the history of the United States. The coin featured a design inspired by the magnificent 1816 Coronet, Large Cent on one side and the image of a fearless eagle on the other.

$2.50 Quarter Eagles of 1907

Liberty Head Quarter Eagle

This coin remained in circulation from 1840 to 1907. It has a design created after the Coronet-type Large Cent. One side of the coin shows the bust of the Lady Liberty and on the opposite side is an American Eagle bearing arrows and an olive branch.