US Gold Mint: What’s in for 2011

With 2010 wrapping up, the expectations of US gold coin investors and collectors remain high. They want to quickly grab whatever is available during 2010 and have their eyes already set on what is going to come up in 2011.

According to updates by Coin Update, the US gold mint is planning to bring out its widely demanded core annual sets in January 2011. The products will include the following:

  • 2011 Proof Set
  • 2011 Mint Set
  • 2011 Silver Proof Set

The annual sets have traditionally been released in the middle of the year. Even in 2010, investors and collectors had to wait until July and August for the release of the annual sets. It was only when the Mint saw the huge demand for the release that it changed the scheduling.

The Director of the United States Mint said, “We’ve listened to our customers and their desire to have these annual sets earlier in the year.” He further stated, “Making our annual core products available at one time, and early in the year, provides our customers the opportunity to purchase them for their collections and for gift-giving throughout the year.”

It has been announced that the 2011 annual sets would comprise of the upcoming five releases of America the Beautiful Quarters Program, which features the following areas:

  • Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Olympic National Park
  • Vicksburg National Military Park
  • Chickasaw Recreation Area

The annual sets will also include the 2011 Presidential Dollars with the depiction of Andrew Johnson, James A. Garfield, Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes.

There is news of the US mint intending to extend the availability period for the 2010 Proof Set, the 2010 Mint Set and the 2010 Silver Proof Set. This is despite the earlier salegettysburg national military park gold coin of the 2011 sets. A representative of the US mint said that these sets may remain available until December 31, 2011.

US Gold Mint: 2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative Coins

The US gold mint had already made public the design of the 2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative coins on September 29, 2010. The program will be featuring the following two coins:

  • ½ ounce gold coin (face value of five dollars)
  • 1 ounce silver coin (face value of one dollar)

The design of the Medal of Honor Commemorative Gold Coins is their most attractive feature. The obverse of the coins depicts the original Medal of Honor designed by the US gold mint in 1861. The range will be engraved by Joseph Menna, a US Mint Sculptor-Engraver. The other side of the coin has the Roman goddess of wisdom and war Minerva. The goddess is carrying the Union flag in her left hand and a shield that represents the Army and Navy in her right hand. She is standing against the backdrop of a field artillery wheel and cannon of the Civil War era. This side was designed by Joel Iskowitz, the Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer, and will be engraved by Michael Gaudioso, a US Mint Sculptor-Engraver.

The mintage limit of gold coins is 100,000 units and 500,000 units of silver coins. There will be a $35 surcharge on every gold coin and a $10 surcharge on every silver coin. The proceeds of the sale of these coins (which is estimated at $8.5 million) are intended to be delivered to the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation so that it can support its educational, scholarship and outreach programs.