Rare Gold Coins Consistently Great Performance

Gold coins were minted between 1795 and 1933 both locally and internationally until President Franklin Roosevelt put a prohibitive order in place which precluded the personal ownership of gold bullion in America.

Hence, many resorted to trading rare gold coins that did not fall under that prohibitive jurisdiction. Since their inception, rare gold coins have been outperforming gold bullion slowly but surely, creating a wider margin as they creep upwards in their value.

There are many benefits in owning rare gold coins.

Consistently Great Performance

Owners of various rare gold coins are smiling their way to the bank as they enjoy the increasing worth of their gold coin collection during the hot time in the market (with gold rising creating more demand). Rare gold coins have been performing exceptionally well as time passes which pleases their owners. The main reason for the increasing value of rare gold coins over time is that these special coins are no longer in mint and hence, there is a scarcity of them, with demand exceeding supply. This pushes the market value of rare gold coins higher.

Many established grading agencies such as PCGS have been monitoring their performance and have created indexes of rare gold coins for a long periods of time to note its upward trend since the year 1971. At some stages, rare gold coins have even outperformed that of gold bullion.

Wealth Privacy

There are a lot of people, not just Americans, who would like to keep their wealth status private, which is an understandable stance. Owning rare gold coins otherwise known as numismatic gold coins, allows an individual exactly that privilege, as there is no need to report to any legal authority or anyone else for that matter any sale or purchase of rare gold coins.

The absence of documentation in the form of records or reporting makes rare gold coin transactions virtually paperless and very confidential. This is indeed great news in today’s electronic media world where a piece of information is can be spammed globally. This is not so with rare gold coin transactions. There are no questions asked and no answers or reasons need to be given to anyone regarding any sale or purchase.

Protection against Confiscation

Rare gold coins have not fallen under the jurisdiction of the Presidential law of gold confiscation which came into effect in 1933 under President Franklin Roosevelt because rare gold coins are considered collectible. Therefore people believe that if gold is ever confiscated again, that rare gold coins will again be excluded.