Rare Gold Coins are Great Portfolio Diversifiers

Investment Diversification

gold coins investmentsA lot of financial experts recommend a mixed portfolio when it comes to investment, and this includes rare gold coins as they tend to be not as volatile in their value change as paper currency like bonds and stocks.  A portfolio can only be successful if you have a mixed portfolio that contains assets which do not move together along the same financial outlook or path so that your losses can be averaged out. Hence, rare gold coins are a good bet as an effective asset that is diversified for your portfolio.

Quick Cash

Established grading agencies like the PCGS and NGC are authorized to certify these rare gold coins to establish a standard amongst them. With these certifications, rare gold coins are now the best collectibles that are most liquid globally as they are traded quickly and shrewdly every day through brokers and dealers.

There are plenty of rare gold coins trading everyday. Many dealers make markets in rare gold coins and therefore a coin can be bought and sold anytime it is needed, as there is always a demand for them.

Guaranteed basic value

This feature has added intrinsic value to these numismatic gold pieces which make them classic and relevant, unlike their paper counterparts which can turn hostile and worthless as evidenced in certain times in history. Numismatic coins can never go lower than what their worth is in their gold market, and gold has never been worth zero.


It is so easy to carry rare gold coins around or to transport them to another place for storage as they are much smaller than their paper counterparts. Hence, a large amount of rare gold coins can be transported easily without directing unwanted attention to its presence and worth, and no one will be the wiser with the rare gold coins being transacted and transported shrewdly. This cannot be said of huge assets such as cars, sculptures or paintings.

You and I can buy one or more

The prices of these numismatic coins are not as high as one might think; many common folk should be able to purchase them comfortably although there have been occasions where a seven figure value was tagged on certain rare gold coins at certain periods of time. Nevertheless, many are still at an affordable price for easy purchase.

Holding History in your hands

Another beautiful reason for owning rare gold coins is that you are actually encapsulating a piece of American history in one of these special coins as there is always a particular purpose or event leading to the creation of these gold pieces. Hence, any history lover will definitely want to be a staunch collector of these rare gold pieces.