Status of the Popular US Mint Gold Coins

The US Mint produced gold coins mainly for the country’s commercial market and trading. The US Mint was established when Congress enacted the 1792 Coinage Act, with its first issue of gold coins in 1795. Specifications of these gold coins change over time with the stock market, interest rates, supply and demand factors influencing their availability and pricing.

1 oz. Buffalo Gold Coins

The American Gold Buffalo is one of the US gold coins whose demand exceeds its supply. Its popular 1oz. gold piece is not available from the US Mint with no track of its inventory. The American Gold Buffalo gold coins are popular with gold traders for their pure gold content of 24 karats. With the rising gold coin prices, the number of investors for the 2010 American Gold Buffalo coin is growing, leading to an increased demand over the supply.

American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

The 2010 American Gold Eagle Proof coins were introduced on September 16, 2010 with 1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz., 1/10 oz and four coin options. The prices of these options range from $1,350 to $1,399.99. The design on the American Gold Eagle Proof Coins is similar to that of Saint-Gaudens’ 1907 drawings. One side depicts the Liberty holding an olive branch and a torch in the left and right hand respectively. The other side sports a pair of eagles: male and female. An olive branch is held by the male eagle in its beak with the female eagle sitting on its hatch-lings. Miley Busiek, the sculptor, designed this side of the coin. A special plastic seals the coin to give it a frosted cameo image.  Each coin comes in a presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity bearing the US Mint Director’s signature.

Gold Eagle 2010 Bullion Coin

Bullion American Gold Eagles 2010 enjoyed a spike in sales in September 2010. The sales of this bullion gold coin on October 6, 2010 were recorded at 88,000 oz. which was purchased by the Mint Authorized Purchasers. The sales included 1oz., ¼ oz. and 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle coins.

The sales figures in September 2010 were higher than the sales figures recorded in August 2010.

Introduction of 2010 Gold Eagle Proof

The long awaited 2010 Gold Eagle Proof coins came out on October 7, 2010. Buyers were eager to make a purchase and cause this coin to hit a high in the gold industry. October 10, 2010 recorded the sales of 2,780 1oz., 6,945 1/10 oz. and 7,147 sets of the 4-coin sets.

In total, the 2010 Gold Eagles Proof coins recorded over $47 million sales through all the options.