Performance of US Mint Gold Coins

Q1 2011 saw 14% drop in US minted gold coins sales due to rising gold prices. But the end of June 2011 saw a flurry of activity among gold investors and traders over many U.S. gold coins.

The US minted gold coins’ sales figures for the first half of 2011 are as follows:

  • American 1oz. Gold Buffalo at $78,000
  • American 1 oz. Gold Eagle at $503,500
  • American ½ oz. Gold Eagle at $55,000
  • American ¼ oz. Gold Eagle at $64,000
  • American 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle at $250,000
  • Julia Grant Gold coin (First Spouse)September 11, 2011 had the first production of First Spouse and National Medal gold coin by the US Mint with the Julia Grant gold coin. Both debuts did well with a record of 50,998 orders for September 11, 2011 National Medals and 2,598 orders for the Julia Grant gold First Spouse coins in one week.

    The gold coins with the “W” mint mark which indicated West Point was most popular with a record sales of 33,046 orders. Medals with “P” mint mark which indicated Philadelphia production secured 17,952 orders.

    The First Spouse (Julia Grant) Gold Coins had 1,581 proof orders with 1,017 uncirculated pieces. There were also 2,108 gold First Spouse Eliza Johnson Coins debuted on May 5, 2011 with 2,434 First Spouse Jane Pierce Gold Coins released on June 3, 2010.

    Gold First Spouse Coins

    The gold First Spouse coins were launched in honor of the nation’s first spouses. These gold First Spouse coins are usually ½ oz. $10 gold coins with the respective first lady image. The issuance of the First Spouse gold coins commensurate with the schedule of Presidential $1 coins in honor of the nation’s Presidents.

    Other gold First Spouse coins include Lucy Hayes and Lucretia Garfield.

    The image of the first lady spots the obverse side of the coin with their names, order and the years of first spouse service. The issuing year and inscriptions “Liberty” and “In God We Trust” are on the gold First Spouse coins.

    The coins’ reverse feature a special design for each First Lady which relates to her work and life. The inscription “The United States of America” is on the coin which is 99.99% fine gold.

    Presidents without a spouse are issued a gold coin using Lady Liberty’s image with the President’s life and work featured on the reverse of the coin.

    Presidents with more than one first spouse have separate First Spouse coins.