Gold Wins for Most Americans

CNBC recently conducted a survey on an All-American Economic outlook where investors termed gold to be the “best investment” compared to stocks or real estate. Gold has gained a huge attraction and following with no known boundaries in terms of income levels, geographic regions or political parties.

Good investment

Such results coincides with that of a Gallup poll where 34% of Americans claimed gold to be their most favored long-term investment; this entity is preferred over other types of investments with real estate at 19% and stocks at 17%.


It was concluded that the intrinsic value of gold as a physical asset in some quantity can protect individuals or nations from economic unpredictability and long-term inflation. The survey concluded a preference for gold as the economy fluctuates or dips. The uncertainty of the economy with many anticipating a dip next year is pushing more investors to gold; 50% claims gold to be the best investment while 32% feels the economy remains status quo. 82% of Americans opined that inflation is round the corner with the cost of living rising with the prices of services and daily necessities going up in the coming 12 months.
Such inflation and economic anxieties are global in nature; the whole nation from Northeast to South prefers gold while the Western population prefers to rely more on real estate; however, the difference in the polls showed only a one percent difference.

Bullish trend

The gold bull runs were thought to be quite conservative but “gold bugs” which refer to those who are bullish on gold, are divided in their political opinions. There is quite a significant divide between the Republicans at 43% and Independents at 32% while Democrats are at a close 33%. These political parties are upholding gold highly above all other assets; these include stocks, cash, bonds and real estate which lag behind the shiny yellow metal.

Gold is also drawing many different income level Americans; 42% of Americans who rake in more than 100k per annum stakes their claim on gold while 39% of Americans who earn about $30k – $50k per annum holds the same opinion.