The Majority of Americans Choose Gold

The latest CNBC All-American Economic Survey shows investors to believe that gold is the “best investment,” better than real estate or stocks. There is a lot of liking towards the shiny yellow metal. Seemingly there are no limits to this metal, from geographic regions, income levels and political parties.

According to pollster Jay Campbell of Hart Research who ran the poll survey for CNBC “Gold has taken over perceptions across the public as being a good investment. If not first, gold comes in as a very close second among investors.” The poll indicates that gold is the “best investment” with a score of 37%, real estate comes in second at 19% and stocks at 17%.

The attraction is based on the idea that physical assets with limited supply hold intrinsic value and can ultimately guard against long-term inflation and uncertain economic times. The survey does show that when people see the economy failing their interests for investing in gold rises. 50% of people who believe that the economy is going to see worse times in the next year also believe that gold is your best investment option. 32% of people believe that the economy is not going to change. There is talk about a rise in inflation and 82% of surveyed Americans believe that we will see a rise in the price of goods and services in the next 12 months.

These concerns are not just hitting people in one part of the U.S. but they are concerning people nationwide. Americans that are saying gold is the best investment option are those that live in the South, Midwest and Northeast and the people from the West chose real estate to be the best investment option but only by 1%.

People all across the political spectrum are interested in gold and are considered “gold bugs” (those bullish on the metal). Republicans and tea-party adherents hold the highest percentage of those favoring gold at 43% while democrats and independents fall closely behind at 32% and 33% respectively. Stocks, bonds, cash, real estate and other asset classes fall behind precious metals.

Surveys also indicate that it does not matter what income level Americans fall within in regards to investing in gold. 42% of those that make 100k annually and 39% of those that make 30k to 50k all believe that gold is best. Most Americans favor the American gold eagle coins.