Canadian Silver Coins

Canadian silver coins are a great collectors item not only because of their aesthetic beauty but also because of their silver content.

Coin collectors don’t just collect coins to increase their assets, in fact most coin collectors do it because it can be a fun and enjoyable pastime. Silver coins are great to collect because they are the most affordable of all precious metal coins and it is quite easy to build a large collection pretty quickly.

The most popular Canadian silver coin is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. There was so much success with the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf produced in 1979 that the Canadian Mint decided to produce a Silver Canadian Maple Leal in 1988 and it has proven to do quite well, receiving a large demand throughout the years of its production.

The one-ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is produced at the Royal Canadian Mint and a special advance process creates the holographic beauty on the coin where the design is directly struck onto the coins surface. Silver Canadian Maple Leafs are sold in one-ounce sizes and contain silver content of 99.99% pure fine silver. Each coin weighs 31.104 grams and 31.10 grams of that is pure silver. The face value of the coin is five dollars.

Since 1971 British decimal coins had a portrait “decimal portrait” that was adopted and used on the original 1988 and 1989 Canadian Maple Leaf issues. Then in 1990 the design was changed to a similar design of the 1985 and 1997 British coins.

The reason behind the production of the Silver Canadian Maple Leafs was so that collectors could create a substantial collection of smaller sized good quality coins for a relatively inexpensive price.

You can purchase Silver Canadian Maple Leafs directly from the Royal Canadian Mint along with a variety of other silver coins that they produce.

You can also purchase these coins from reputable and established dealers, which you will most likely get a better deal by purchasing your coins this way. However, you will want to shop around, as you will find that each dealer will price them a little differently and you will want to insure that you get the best deal.

Silver Canadian coins are a not only some of the most beautiful coins in the world today making them very appealing to collectors but they are also a great investment for enhancing your assets.