The History of Gold Coins and the Ties with the

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The Ipswich Museum of England has an addition display of Iron Age gold coins which are dated from 20 BC and running all the way to 20 AD; this 840 piece collection is the largest of gold coins discovered and displayed. It is said that these pieces were hidden by an Inceni tribe warrior queen 20 decades ago during a battle with the Romans. This collection allows the public an insight into the historical lifestyle of that era which showcased other tribal coins where trade as well as political ties exists between tribes. This form of currency reflects the progressive civilization in any society … [Read more...]

Coin Grading and Certification

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In order to secure the best value for a coin whether on a sale or purchase, one should consider coin grading. This procedure is usually employed to determine the coin’s grade or condition before the sale or purchase transaction. The coin’s grade together with the coin’s demand and scarcity is one of the major factors for determining the coin’s value to any coin collector or trader. The coin grading process involves many factors which include authenticity, condition and sharpness. When coins were first graded, one only considered two grades: Mint and circulated. But more grading … [Read more...]

Performance of US Mint Gold Coins

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Q1 2011 saw 14% drop in US minted gold coins sales due to rising gold prices. But the end of June 2011 saw a flurry of activity among gold investors and traders over many U.S. gold coins. The US minted gold coins’ sales figures for the first half of 2011 are as follows: American 1oz. Gold Buffalo at $78,000 American 1 oz. Gold Eagle at $503,500 American ½ oz. Gold Eagle at $55,000 American ¼ oz. Gold Eagle at $64,000 American 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle at $250,000 Julia Grant Gold coin (First Spouse)September 11, 2011 had the first production of First Spouse and National Medal gold … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins from a Reputable Gold Trading Company


Gold coins would be a favorable option to consider when it comes to purchasing any asset. Hence, the professional services of an established and reputable gold trader are crucial to secure the right gold pieces that would meet a buyer’s needs and the right gold trader is familiar with the system. buyers can incorporate certain US gold coins into their retirement scheme to avoid cash flow worries and taxes. Gold Trading Company: Gold coins A professional gold trading firm can serve its clients in the following manner: There is security as well as peace of mind in owning gold. There … [Read more...]

How Are Rare Gold Coins Valued?

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Gold has become popular in diversifying any portfolio. Different buyers have their own reasons for investing in gold. Numismatic coin collectors prefer the gold coin’s historical significance and other impacting value factors rather than the physical gold content. Value Determinants of Rare Gold Coins The preference for rare gold coins stems from the history they contain. Hence, various determinants impact the value of any rare gold coin. Grading PCGS and NGC are professional third party coin graders and certification authorities on numismatic coins. Based on the coin’s … [Read more...]

US Gold Mint: Price Cuts for Gold Coins


At the time of this writing it was expected that the price of the American Gold Eagle Proof coins would drop from September 20, 2011 due to the volatility of gold prices that had been on the downward spiral recently. However, the price cut would be based on the London gold AM and PM fixes at $1,838 per oz and $1,800 per oz respectively. It is the US Mint which sets the collector gold coin prices from the range of $1,750 to $1,799.99. Price reductions would be seen in First Spouse proof coins, 1 oz un-circulated Gold Eagle, un-circulated First Spouse gold coins, Proof Gold Eagles coins of … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins

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There is an almost frenzy buying and selling of gold coins in the States nowadays as exemplified by the many new gold business companies. This is a good indication of the growing number of Americans who are interested in gold coins. The spokesperson for the World Gold Council mentioned that although gold recycling is very common in the Middle East and India, it is a relatively new practice in the West.  The third quarter report of WCG on gold for 2010 mentioned an increase in the West’s recycled gold supply in recent years accounting for about 41% global supply in 2009. An economics … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins: What You Should Know About Gold Prices

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Gold prices were rising as much as 6% in the third quarter of 2010 according to the US Mint; this rise could be due to the 5% rise in demand for gold coins and bullion coins. Another possible factor which caused the gold price to rise is the decline of the greenback. The currency value decline boosted gold investment; there was more demand for gold coins with a record currency figure. Hedge funds were also buying up more gold coins, which impacted the demand for gold. However, the US Mint seemed to experience difficulty with the gold coin production; especially the 24-karat American Buffalo … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers Advices Against Selling Your Gold

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Jim Rogers may be a familiar figure to many since he is often seen on the different news channels on television. He is often interviewed on television since he is a popular economist and is an expert on the subject of gold. Rogers is known to have very determined views on the subject of gold. He is also known for his advocacy on the many good qualities of the gold market. On his recent television interview on the CNBC channel, Jim Rogers strongly expresses his advice for the people not to sell their gold just yet. He further proves his point by stating that gold reached an all-time high of … [Read more...]

Let The Gold Rush Come To You

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Finding gold is not easy and that is clearly depicted on a show on The Discovery Channel entitled “Gold Rush Alaska”. The show features a group of amateur miners who were tempted by the rising value of gold so they headed to Alaska to find and mine their gold fortune. They set their plan into action by buying a claim spot, mining equipment and a lot of cash on hand. The crew were rudely awakened to the harsh reality of gold mining when they got to Alaska. They met a lot of trials along the way such as frozen ground and broken equipment. Add to that the fact that they had to mine really … [Read more...]