Where Would A Country Like Germany Stock Up Its Gold

Where would a country like Germany stock up its gold? The answer would be obvious right? Of course within the geographic domains of the country! In all likelihood, the gold would be lying safely in a heavily guarded vault, somewhere in Frankfurt. This, however, is far from reality! You would be surprised to learn that the gold reserves of Germany, which is the second largest in the world, are held by Paris, New York and London. It is only now that a campaign for bringing all the reserves back to the country has been mobilized and is gathering steam with every passing day. A phenomenon such … [Read more...]

Estimate the Gold Price in January 2014

The connection between gold and other monetary forms is evident from the available long-term charts. The long-term charts reflect that one performs better than the other, until the other tries to match up. However, let us consider the present scenario that is the US monetary base expansion from the time when the financial slump hit in 2008. As the Fed has announced "QEternity," it can be concluded that the monetary base expansion will persist. As a matter of fact, it the growth continues till the end of January 2014, there is a possibility that the price of gold will be approximately $2,300 … [Read more...]

Gold Bars

Gold bars can provide you with protection for your assets as well as financial stability for the future. Gold never loses its value and in fact the amount of goods and services that an ounce of gold could purchase in the past is the same amount that an ounce of gold could purchase today. The amount of fiat currency that it takes to purchase gold does change and while the economy goes through inflation and recessions it appears that the value of gold is increasing but what is actually occurring is the decrease in value of fiat currencies. This is why it is a good idea to purchase gold bars and … [Read more...]

American Gold Eagle

History behind the Gold American Eagle Coins have been minted in the United States for hundreds of years, and from 1795 to 1933 gold coins were struck and used as money on a daily basis. Gold coins were limited in their quantity; they came in several different series and designs, they vary from as low as $1 dollar all the way up to $20 (face value).  President Roosevelt held a confiscation in 1933 and recalled all gold coins from public circulation. Once these coins were collected the Treasury Department melted them. Fort Knox Kentucky holds a huge amount of 400-ounce gold bricks … [Read more...]

Gold Wins for Most Americans


CNBC recently conducted a survey on an All-American Economic outlook where investors termed gold to be the “best investment” compared to stocks or real estate. Gold has gained a huge attraction and following with no known boundaries in terms of income levels, geographic regions or political parties. Good investment Such results coincides with that of a Gallup poll where 34% of Americans claimed gold to be their most favored long-term investment; this entity is preferred over other types of investments with real estate at 19% and stocks at 17%. Perception It was concluded that … [Read more...]

China and Gold Hoarding

china gold

China was found to be purchasing more gold recently compared to their past acquisition pattern; these purchases were made through Hong Kong. China was reported to have imported about 102.8 metric tons in the month of November alone with a $5.4 billion based on January 11, 2011 trade data. Attention grabbing China’s gold purchases have caught many parties’ eye and concerned parties are wondering about that country’s massive gold purchases. Gold is known to hold strong purchasing power although it seems expensive to buy and people are concerned about its bubble bursting some time … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins

buffalo gold coin

There is an almost frenzy buying and selling of gold coins in the States nowadays as exemplified by the many new gold business companies. This is a good indication of the growing number of Americans who are interested in gold coins. The spokesperson for the World Gold Council mentioned that although gold recycling is very common in the Middle East and India, it is a relatively new practice in the West.  The third quarter report of WCG on gold for 2010 mentioned an increase in the West’s recycled gold supply in recent years accounting for about 41% global supply in 2009. An economics … [Read more...]

Top Rated Mints Of The United States That Yield Coins

us mint

Minting of coins in United States dates back to the late 17th century in 1792. The process began in mints based in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. However, due to increasing demands, there was tremendous shortage of coins and sufficient currency was not available for public use. As a result, the government adopted appropriate arrangements to introduce additional mints for increased production. Following the discovery of gold in Eastern and Western parts of United States, the government started minting gold coins. By the end of 19th century different mints were established in San Francisco, … [Read more...]

British Sovereign


The British Sovereign gold coins are most popular amongst numismatists. According to history, Britain started minting coins way back in the year 1489. That was by the king Henry VII who started with a gold coin of 20 Schilling face value. However, in the year 1603, king James I suspended the minting of gold coins but in 1817 king George III once again got the minting of gold coins started. Brief history: During this period Britain had minted many gold coins of various denominations or face values. These coins were being used for trade and commerce throughout Europe. One of the … [Read more...]

Highly Pure Australian Nugget Proof Gold


The Australian Nugget Proof Gold coins are the collector’s version of the Australian bullion gold coins officially struck at the Australian Perth Mint. The Australian government guarantees the content, purity and weight of gold in every of its minted Proof gold Nugget. Today, these gold Proof coins are not minted in as many sizes as the bullion gold coins. Australian Nugget Proof Gold Coin Design The reverse or back side of the Australian Nugget Proof Gold coin changes each year giving new expectations and excitement to the issuance. There is a set of designs that are rotated on the … [Read more...]