Information on Gold

Before making the decision to purchase gold you will want to obtain as much information on gold as possible. The more knowledge you have around the types of gold, where to purchase, how to purchase, price, value etc. the more likely you are to get the best deal on your purchase. The more knowledge you have will also give you a greater possibility of making more money and increasing your assets. If you are one that is more interested in collecting coins, then collecting coins that are hard to get your hands on and are very beautiful are going to make your experience that more enjoyable. Some … [Read more...]

Gold Bars

Gold bars can provide you with protection for your assets as well as financial stability for the future. Gold never loses its value and in fact the amount of goods and services that an ounce of gold could purchase in the past is the same amount that an ounce of gold could purchase today. The amount of fiat currency that it takes to purchase gold does change and while the economy goes through inflation and recessions it appears that the value of gold is increasing but what is actually occurring is the decrease in value of fiat currencies. This is why it is a good idea to purchase gold bars and … [Read more...]

Prospecting for Gold

Prospecting for gold is the exploration of new gold or gold deposits. The method and resources used by the prospector will depend on what type of deposit the prospector is seeking to find. This endeavor is mainly done commercially however; in a few developed countries prospecting for placer gold has become a popular recreational activity. If you were in search for gold nuggets the best places to look would be places where gold nuggets have been found before. A number if people prefer to pan for gold by bridges where gold bearing streams flow under them. Others hunt for gold in the wild … [Read more...]

Investing In Gold

When a portfolio is put together it is important to create diversification. This will give your portfolio a good balance of what it needs to be successful. There will be some assets in your portfolio that will have losses and some that will have gains; this will allow your assets to balance each other out off setting any losses. A good way to diversify your portfolio is to make sure you have assets that are different in how they perform. Gold is generally added to portfolios for safety and stability purposes. The reason behind this is that when stocks fall people turn to gold out of … [Read more...]

American Gold Eagle

History behind the Gold American Eagle Coins have been minted in the United States for hundreds of years, and from 1795 to 1933 gold coins were struck and used as money on a daily basis. Gold coins were limited in their quantity; they came in several different series and designs, they vary from as low as $1 dollar all the way up to $20 (face value).  President Roosevelt held a confiscation in 1933 and recalled all gold coins from public circulation. Once these coins were collected the Treasury Department melted them. Fort Knox Kentucky holds a huge amount of 400-ounce gold bricks … [Read more...]

What Should I Know About Investing in Gold?

Physical gold and paper gold are two ways you can invest in gold and there are several ways to go about doing this.  Your goals, objectives, and time frames will determine what type of gold you will want to acquire. This is the beginning of the process. A precious metals firm can give you guidance and knowledge that will help you determine the best fit for your needs, especially when buying gold and silver online. The only difficult part about speaking with a consultant is that usually if one sells paper gold they do not sell physical gold and vice versa. A gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) … [Read more...]

Gold Wins for Most Americans


CNBC recently conducted a survey on an All-American Economic outlook where investors termed gold to be the “best investment” compared to stocks or real estate. Gold has gained a huge attraction and following with no known boundaries in terms of income levels, geographic regions or political parties. Good investment Such results coincides with that of a Gallup poll where 34% of Americans claimed gold to be their most favored long-term investment; this entity is preferred over other types of investments with real estate at 19% and stocks at 17%. Perception It was concluded that … [Read more...]

Gold as another Option to the US Dollar

A lot of worry is going on across the world about the dollar being frail and that it is going to be coming across some hard times. There is good reason for the worry because in the past when the government has driven money out into the market place it has caused inflation, and over the last 18 months the government has printed 2.5 times our money supply. If we look back in time we will see where the over printing of money has created a loss in its value followed by a collapse. A well-known example of a time where this occurred was from 1919 to 1923 in Germany where gold went from 170 Deutsche … [Read more...]

Financial Combat

We are currently in a time where purchasing and investing in gold coins and bars are something everyone should consider doing. Each month in dealing with the slow economy and the deficits our government is relying on the borrowing of more money and the printing of fiat currency via the Federal Reserve. Money saved becomes devalued as each dollar printed lessens the value of those already in the system, not to mention the lowest interest rates on savings in history. According to the Federal Reserve the inflation rate has been low and they are planning on attaining increased rates in the … [Read more...]

A Guide To Buying Gold Coins


If you’re interested in buying gold coins there are many options to choose from. You first need to understand the differences between gold coins which can be bullion or numismatic.  Each have different benefits and it’s important to know the differences so you can make the best decision according to your needs in order to reach your goals.  Gold can work in your favor if chosen correctly. Bullion: Bullion gold coins are the pure form of a precious metal which are valued by the Gold content.  The bullion market has a spot price that you can find everyday either by using the web or … [Read more...]