Who’s Buying Physical Gold?

There are many people all over the world that have been obtaining physical gold from gold companies. People obtain gold for different reasons. For example, they might obtain gold for preservation of principle or capital appreciation. Gold is good for providing financial insurance for your paper assets that are in your portfolio. This is due to the fact that gold and paper assets typically have an inverse relationship, so when stocks go down gold prices go up and vice versa. There have been times where stocks and gold both went up at the same time. Individuals, central banks, large … [Read more...]

US $20 Gold Coin

The United States produced $20 gold coins from the year 1849 to the year 1933. These rare gold coins are in very high demand among all mint gold coins produced by the US. US. Production of these coins was halted in 1933 with many melted in the same year as per the United States government’s order. Those that exist today are because they were stashed away or were outside US during that time. It is a privilege to own one of these today. Most Popular Gold Coins There were many types of US $20 gold coins produced; the most popular and in high demand are the US$20 Liberty Head and US$20 … [Read more...]