Understanding the Price of Gold

On July 19th, 2013, Ben Bernanke said during the Senate Banking Committee hearing, “Nobody understands gold prices and I don’t pretend to either.” This generalization has caused a bit of backlash from financial experts, and raises the question whether anyone can really understand the price of gold? Let’s take a look. Experts agree that the price of gold typically ties closely with the supply of money. In other words, gold follows global liquidity; when gold supply doesn’t change, but more money is chasing the gold, the gold price goes up. Said another way: supply and demand drive … [Read more...]

How Is Gold Used?

There are several uses for gold and they come in a wide variety. Meaning, gold as an investment is not the only way gold is used. Gold is a very valuable metal that has several unique properties that contribute to making it very popular amongst many industries. Gold has a high level of malleability, ductility, it resists corrosion, and many other chemical reactions, it has great electrical conductivity, it reflects infra red light and has great thermal conductivity properties. Gold is used in a wide variety of electronic devices such as home appliances, cell phones, telephones, and … [Read more...]

When Should I Sell My Gold?

When should I sell my gold is a great question and one that everyone should take into consideration and put some thought into. The answer to these questions weighs heavily on why you purchased gold in the first place and what your goals and objectives are for owning gold. If your reason behind owning gold was because you were enamored by their beauty and wanted them as collection pieces then you probably are not considering selling them to begin with. However, if you purchased gold bullion bars, antique gold coins, or proof sets then you were most likely thinking into the future with the … [Read more...]

Gold Wins for Most Americans


CNBC recently conducted a survey on an All-American Economic outlook where investors termed gold to be the “best investment” compared to stocks or real estate. Gold has gained a huge attraction and following with no known boundaries in terms of income levels, geographic regions or political parties. Good investment Such results coincides with that of a Gallup poll where 34% of Americans claimed gold to be their most favored long-term investment; this entity is preferred over other types of investments with real estate at 19% and stocks at 17%. Perception It was concluded that … [Read more...]

China and Gold Hoarding

china gold

China was found to be purchasing more gold recently compared to their past acquisition pattern; these purchases were made through Hong Kong. China was reported to have imported about 102.8 metric tons in the month of November alone with a $5.4 billion based on January 11, 2011 trade data. Attention grabbing China’s gold purchases have caught many parties’ eye and concerned parties are wondering about that country’s massive gold purchases. Gold is known to hold strong purchasing power although it seems expensive to buy and people are concerned about its bubble bursting some time … [Read more...]

Can Gold Overcome the Financial Crisis?

Gold is a great tool for getting through a financial crisis. Some examples of when gold is favorable is when there is instability in the stock market, inflation/hyperinflation, global debt crisis, banking problems, and over printing of money/collapse of the dollar. For over 5,000 years people have found gold to be very valuable. Through the advancement of technology, civilization plunging, and money coming and going, gold has held its value.  To this day gold is considered the ultimate store of value.  Case in point, look at the worlds 2nd largest country by population, India, there the … [Read more...]

Preference over European Gold Coins

gold eagle

There are many types of precious metals for sale on the market today. However, an obvious buy over the years seems to be European gold coins. There is quite a substantial range available for your acquisition consideration if you want to join the crowd. European gold coins are favored by many gold investors today for many reasons. Personal Collection Many financial assets involve the use of a Social Security number (SSN) for their purchases. But with European gold coins, there is no such requirement. Hence, anyone can buy or sell European gold coins. It is a very personal decision and … [Read more...]

A Guide To Selling Gold Coins

gold market

Gold has instant liquidity in many parts of the world. Gold is also a currency that is recognized worldwide and has been for thousands of years. An ounce of gold is used as a standard to value all of the currencies of the world against. No matter where you go you will be able to turn on the market news or do an internet search to find out what an ounce of gold is trading for that day in the local currency. Many dealers may wish to bid on your coins should you decide to liquidate, however it is suggested to develop a relationship with a trusted and established gold trading firm. Quite often … [Read more...]

Demand for Gold

demand for gold

One of the main reasons for the intensive mining of gold is that it is a rare metal. As of today, this shiny yellow commodity exists only in a quantity of 165,000 metric tons. If all of it were put together, you would only get a pure 24K gold cube of 20 meters. Hence, the demand for buying gold rises globally. It is widely used in jewelry by many ethnic groups, with India and China taking the lead, with 60% of their gold used for jewelry. But other demands for gold are for investment, for central bank reserves and for technology. Each sector has different dynamics driving the demand for … [Read more...]

Status of the Popular US Mint Gold Coins


The US Mint produced gold coins mainly for the country’s commercial market and trading. The US Mint was established when Congress enacted the 1792 Coinage Act, with its first issue of gold coins in 1795. Specifications of these gold coins change over time with the stock market, interest rates, supply and demand factors influencing their availability and pricing. 1 oz. Buffalo Gold Coins The American Gold Buffalo is one of the US gold coins whose demand exceeds its supply. Its popular 1oz. gold piece is not available from the US Mint with no track of its inventory. The American Gold … [Read more...]