How to Trade Today’s Gold Market

gold market

Gold is a great asset as the commodity is a real form of money. The value store and medium of exchange that are trusted features of gold make it worth investing in it as a safe haven. The gold markets have amazing profit opportunities which involve buying and holding strategies and trading strategies. This involves trading gold at the right periods and holding it when the markets are not so good. One way to capitalize on the opportunities that are readily available in the gold market, is to acquire rare gold coins. The high content of gold in these coins offer all forms of gold security and … [Read more...]

Gold and the Dollar Market Summary

Gold Market

Gold serves as the counterweight for the U.S dollar regardless of the fact that most claim the two do not go together. In spite of the fact that it is the reserve currency of the world and is of very high value, in demand and confidence the dollar stands to be above gold. The value and demand of gold increases when the dollar’s confidence is low making the two go hand in hand. There are exceptions where the dollar and gold have behaved in the same manner in that they were both weak and in the same direction but because of many unrelated factors. Also, there are those periods when the two … [Read more...]

What Options a Gold Trading Company Typically Offers

gold trading

On November 2009, gold trading companies sold gold at a record high price of $1409.26 per ounce. Many of us, especially those who have started trading in recent years, may not remember that on April 2, 2001, the price of gold was $255.95. However, the steep fall in the dollar value in the global currency market and inflation have given gold prices a major push. Another factor that accounted for the rise in the price of gold is its ever increasing demand. Gold Trading Company: What are the Major Investment options? Those who are looking forward to invest in gold must check out all the … [Read more...]