Is Gold Truly the Choice for Store of Value?

Gold has been around for more than 5,000 years and has been cherished by many. Individuals, civilizations, and royalty have found a love for gold due to its inherent value and its pristine beauty. Throughout the years many countries have used gold for trading purposes as well as for legal tender. Gold is prominent in jewelry, industry and used often artistically. Gold has and probably always will be a store of value.  Look at the US Liberty gold coins as an example, minted as late as 1907 at $20 for almost an ounce of gold and that coin today is worth more than $1,600 on the low … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins

buffalo gold coin

There is an almost frenzy buying and selling of gold coins in the States nowadays as exemplified by the many new gold business companies. This is a good indication of the growing number of Americans who are interested in gold coins. The spokesperson for the World Gold Council mentioned that although gold recycling is very common in the Middle East and India, it is a relatively new practice in the West.  The third quarter report of WCG on gold for 2010 mentioned an increase in the West’s recycled gold supply in recent years accounting for about 41% global supply in 2009. An economics … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins: What You Should Know About Gold Prices

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Gold prices were rising as much as 6% in the third quarter of 2010 according to the US Mint; this rise could be due to the 5% rise in demand for gold coins and bullion coins. Another possible factor which caused the gold price to rise is the decline of the greenback. The currency value decline boosted gold investment; there was more demand for gold coins with a record currency figure. Hedge funds were also buying up more gold coins, which impacted the demand for gold. However, the US Mint seemed to experience difficulty with the gold coin production; especially the 24-karat American Buffalo … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers Advices Against Selling Your Gold

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Jim Rogers may be a familiar figure to many since he is often seen on the different news channels on television. He is often interviewed on television since he is a popular economist and is an expert on the subject of gold. Rogers is known to have very determined views on the subject of gold. He is also known for his advocacy on the many good qualities of the gold market. On his recent television interview on the CNBC channel, Jim Rogers strongly expresses his advice for the people not to sell their gold just yet. He further proves his point by stating that gold reached an all-time high of … [Read more...]

Historic Gold Pieces


Gold has been considered a commodity of great value since ancient times as it has been in use as a precious metal for centuries and has never gone to zero value. It has instead been accumulating greater value and has continued to be a means of trade for most countries on the international platform. This metal has proven to be of worth in all fields and its rarity and purity have made it a great material for representing ideas such as love, decoration and even power depending on how it is used. The appeal of gold took over most regions of the world in ancient times with the greatly impacted … [Read more...]

Is the Gold bubble bursting soon?

gold bubble

Many are wondering if gold prices will continue to climb upwards or burst like a soap bubble. But one should consider how gold fared with the previous 2 bubbles – tech mania in 1990s and housing bubble in 2005/6.  Tracking its trajectory, gold seems to be moving along the same direction like the tech mania and housing bubbles. In comparison, gold at this point in time is not at its peak.  If you look at charts you will find that we are gathering momentum into the third and final phase. Some may want to move their money into the market now before we hit the third phase, as the third … [Read more...]

To Buy or Not to Buy


There are many ways to buy gold coins as the demand for this shiny metal keeps increasing in 2010. Many interested buyers who are first time buyers have many questions about buying this commodity. They also need to know the advantages of this commodity. Gold possesses a many unique properties; it is considered the truest form of currency which has been used over many centuries. The gold price today is correlated to the US Dollar which sets the platform for trade on a universal basis. Physical gold comes in rare coins and bullion where both have about the same gold content but rare coins … [Read more...]

Spot Price of Gold

Gold is considered a universal trading commodity which is likened to timeless money. It can be traded in various manners such as cash payment through bank wires as well as cashier’s check with an immediate delivery. These transactions happen frequently everyday where the agreed price benchmarked is known as gold’s “spot” price or “cash” price as commonly called. Many traders of gold insist on a minimal ounce per transaction at any spot price. A common mistake made by new or novice investors trading gold is referring to the futures price of gold rather than the spot price. The … [Read more...]

Gold Prices in the Global Economy

It is often heard that gold functions as a hedge against inflation or that gold prices are correlated to the US dollar. These assertions do not reveal the total behavior or understanding of most Americans who view gold in a broader perspective in the US economy such as the global stock market, the nation’s inflation or even the GDP of US. Gold is as important to an individual as to the US portfolio as the demand for this shiny metal was only 11% in the US between 2004 and 2008 whereas the remaining 89% demand was not accounted for to appreciate the metal’s true worth. There is a … [Read more...]