US Mint Gold Coins: 2010 Proof Gold Eagle Status

2010 Proof Gold Eagle

As of November 1, 2010, the sale of 2010 Proof Gold Eagle stood at 25,000 units among all the US mint gold coins. This was the total inventory that the Mint had till this date. The one ounce coin, the sale of which began on October 7, 2010, is priced at $1,585 a unit. The sales report revealed by the Mint showed the following figures: One Half Ounce: 373 units One Quarter Ounce: 246 units One Tenth Ounce: 609 units 4 Coin Set: 1,366 The final product includes the one ounce proof coin, so although the individual option has sold out, the coin remains available within the … [Read more...]

Types of Gold Coins: First Spouse Series

first spouse gold coin series

Four or five coins of 1/2 ounce $10 gold are released every year. As per the Act, new coins in this series will be issued at least till 2016. The design of each coin depicts a portrait of the First Spouse on the obverse side and a scene representing her life or contributions on the reverse side. The series has a subset that carries the portrait of the respective presidents that did not have a spouse while in the office on the reverse side. The obverse of these coins depicts an image of Liberty from a coin that circulated during the era of the respective president. Types of Gold Coins: … [Read more...]

‘Last Opportunity’ for Gold Traders

margaret taylor gold coin

In the first week of November, the United States Mint announced a ‘Last Opportunity’ with the purpose of clearing out its inventory. Gold traders await this event and the ‘Last Opportunity’ page on the Mint’s website has already been displaying the notices and the dates when sales will end. US mint coins that will no longer remain in sale in December basically include two gold coins, two silver coins, a clad set and two medal sets. The sale will commence at 12:01 a.m. (ET) on November 15 and will end on December 19 5 p.m. Ending sales dates is different for different coins. For … [Read more...]