Gold – Traders versus Owners

gold trading

Gold trading has been on the increase in today’s financial circles as this commodity has turned into a better asset in a decade than paper and real estate assets. One thing that individuals who wish to invest in gold must be aware of is that trading gold offers not only great security, safety and potential profit over the long run but also anxiety and fear as gold prices can be very volatile over the short term. Volatility of Gold prices Gold price volatility is acceptable if it would perform as forecasted but it is rarely the case, especially in the short term; hence many would … [Read more...]

Gold – Traders, Investors and Collectors

gold traders

When it comes to the gold market, there are 3 categories of interested parties: traders, investors and collectors. However, it seems that the last group has been most successful in reaping a profit with this commodity. Traders of Gold People who trade gold are known as gold traders who basically purchase to sell gold in futures contracts whose market is quite volatile but brings big profit if the trader can anticipate and make the right move to take advantage of the gold price fluctuations. Gold traders are in the market for a quick earning and not so much for security and safety … [Read more...]

‘Last Opportunity’ for Gold Traders

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In the first week of November, the United States Mint announced a ‘Last Opportunity’ with the purpose of clearing out its inventory. Gold traders await this event and the ‘Last Opportunity’ page on the Mint’s website has already been displaying the notices and the dates when sales will end. US mint coins that will no longer remain in sale in December basically include two gold coins, two silver coins, a clad set and two medal sets. The sale will commence at 12:01 a.m. (ET) on November 15 and will end on December 19 5 p.m. Ending sales dates is different for different coins. For … [Read more...]