How Do I Buy Gold Coins?

Every first big purchase is a scary one, buying your first home, your first car etc. The same emotions surface around buying gold for the first time. The initial thing you want to do when buying gold for the first time is get educated around it, just like you would do when buying a home or car. This makes the process a little easier and smoother. You will want to know what coins are available and how they will best fit your portfolio. Once you understand the coins and have an idea of your goals and objectives, buying gold becomes an easy process. Let me help familiarize you with … [Read more...]

Who’s Buying Physical Gold?

There are many people all over the world that have been obtaining physical gold from gold companies. People obtain gold for different reasons. For example, they might obtain gold for preservation of principle or capital appreciation. Gold is good for providing financial insurance for your paper assets that are in your portfolio. This is due to the fact that gold and paper assets typically have an inverse relationship, so when stocks go down gold prices go up and vice versa. There have been times where stocks and gold both went up at the same time. Individuals, central banks, large … [Read more...]

Gold as another Option to the US Dollar

A lot of worry is going on across the world about the dollar being frail and that it is going to be coming across some hard times. There is good reason for the worry because in the past when the government has driven money out into the market place it has caused inflation, and over the last 18 months the government has printed 2.5 times our money supply. If we look back in time we will see where the over printing of money has created a loss in its value followed by a collapse. A well-known example of a time where this occurred was from 1919 to 1923 in Germany where gold went from 170 Deutsche … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver as a Substitute for Cash

The state of Virginia presented House Joint Resolution Number 557 on January 12, 2011 to put together a group to learn whether the Commonwealth should implement a different type of currency in case the Federal Reserve/dollar was to collapse. This morning I read the proposal that was put together and I was astonished. I believe that this proposal was a brave and clever move; something that we should all bear in mind for ourselves. The text sites a Supreme Court ruling that the states can protect their citizens well being, land, and lives. Which comprises of the preservation of a sufficient … [Read more...]

Gold Trading As A Means To Accumulating Wealth

gold wealth

As the financial markets exploded with every type of product available and took over the economic scene, the popularity of gold as a form of savings slowly faded. However, with the onset of the global economic crisis, and many of these wonder accounts and funds on tax payer funded life support, the popularity of owning gold is making a comeback. At present, the price of gold is increasing at a remarkably steady pace. Trading with gold has many benefits and one of those benefits is that gold is money in and of itself. It is not printed into being by a government or created by accounting at a … [Read more...]

A Guide To Selling Gold Coins

gold market

Gold has instant liquidity in many parts of the world. Gold is also a currency that is recognized worldwide and has been for thousands of years. An ounce of gold is used as a standard to value all of the currencies of the world against. No matter where you go you will be able to turn on the market news or do an internet search to find out what an ounce of gold is trading for that day in the local currency. Many dealers may wish to bid on your coins should you decide to liquidate, however it is suggested to develop a relationship with a trusted and established gold trading firm. Quite often … [Read more...]

Gold Trading and Vaulting

global gold market

Gold markets have gained popularity all over the world as more central banks permit the trading and vaulting of the precious commodity. Many banks purchase this commodity from bullion banks or from mining companies and production areas where it is recycled. Most banks, however, would rather buy gold coins and bars from the global market. Depending on the bullion banks from which you decide to buy the gold bars, the weights which can be bought will differ. There are limitations when it comes to the minimum number of ounces of gold you can purchase but this depends entirely on the bullion … [Read more...]

Status of the Popular US Mint Gold Coins


The US Mint produced gold coins mainly for the country’s commercial market and trading. The US Mint was established when Congress enacted the 1792 Coinage Act, with its first issue of gold coins in 1795. Specifications of these gold coins change over time with the stock market, interest rates, supply and demand factors influencing their availability and pricing. 1 oz. Buffalo Gold Coins The American Gold Buffalo is one of the US gold coins whose demand exceeds its supply. Its popular 1oz. gold piece is not available from the US Mint with no track of its inventory. The American Gold … [Read more...]

Gold Trading Benefits

gold benefits

Raising Funds through Gold Trading  Gold struck another high on 18th June 2010 at $1250 per ounce. There are many benefits to trading gold; some of the benefits include the steady prices of gold despite the economic changes, safety, potential for profits and less paper work. Options for Trading Gold Gold trading usually uses bullion coins which are government issued and are of different types that determines the coins prices. However, bullion coins are not numismatic or rare gold coins which are dependent on the quality, rarity and bullion content. There are many types of gold … [Read more...]

Gold – Traders versus Owners

gold trading

Gold trading has been on the increase in today’s financial circles as this commodity has turned into a better asset in a decade than paper and real estate assets. One thing that individuals who wish to invest in gold must be aware of is that trading gold offers not only great security, safety and potential profit over the long run but also anxiety and fear as gold prices can be very volatile over the short term. Volatility of Gold prices Gold price volatility is acceptable if it would perform as forecasted but it is rarely the case, especially in the short term; hence many would … [Read more...]