What Should I Know About Investing in Gold?

Physical gold and paper gold are two ways you can invest in gold and there are several ways to go about doing this.  Your goals, objectives, and time frames will determine what type of gold you will want to acquire. This is the beginning of the process. A precious metals firm can give you guidance and knowledge that will help you determine the best fit for your needs, especially when buying gold and silver online. The only difficult part about speaking with a consultant is that usually if one sells paper gold they do not sell physical gold and vice versa. A gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) … [Read more...]

St Gaudens Gold Coins

st guadens rare gold coins

The US $20 St Gaudens gold coins are also known as the ‘Double Eagles’ gold coins, first minted in 1907 by the US Mint until 1933. These gold coins are very popular with all kinds of coin collectors or investors, numismatic or professional. St Gaudens $20 gold coins are flawless to make them a work of art for any coin collector’s dream collection. These gold coins are very rare with a short history that makes them a highly valuable. Increasing Demand, Limited Supply The US $20 St Gaudens gold coins were produced more than 76 years ago, making this type of gold coin a limited … [Read more...]