Indian Head Quarter Eagles

The Indian Head Quarter Eagles were minted from 1907 to 1933. During this time President Theodore Roosevelt was in office due to the assassination of McKinley and he found the United States coinage to be unattractive and not representing our country very well so he wanted a reform on all United States coinage.  The Mint Engraver at the time was Charles Barber who Roosevelt believed to be mediocre in the profession so in order to achieve new beautiful designs he replaced his job with world renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Saint-Gaudens was commissioned to create a new design for the … [Read more...]

$10 Liberty Head Eagle

In 1804 President Thomas Jefferson put an end to the minting of eagles due to their melt value being greater than their monetary value. There was a large amount of these coins being melted and 30 years after the minting of eagles had been stopped, the standard weight and fineness for gold coins was changed. Eagles had a weight of 270 grains and it was changed to 258 and the gold fineness went from 91.67% to 90% gold. In 1838 Mint Director Patterson commissioned Engraver Gobrecht to create a new die that will be used to mint the eagles with the new changes. In 1866 the Type 2 Liberty Head … [Read more...]

$5 Liberty Head Gold Coin

The $5 Liberty Head gold coin with motto was minted from 1866-1908. The designer of this coin was Christian Gobrecht. On the obverse side of the coin is a profile image of Lady Liberty wearing a coronet. Her hair is pulled back with two strands of curly hair hanging down by her neck. Arched around her are 13 stars that represent the 13 original colonies and the mint date near the bottom. On the reverse side of the coin is an image of the heraldic American Eagle looking to the left and the motto “In God We Trust.” The eagle is holding olive branches and arrows in his talons that represent … [Read more...]

$2.50 Liberty Head

The Liberty Head Quarter Eagle was minted from 1940 to 1907 and was designed by Christian Gobrecht. This coin went the longest amount of time then any other coinage series without any modifications being done to the design. During this time there 11,921,171 Liberty Head Quarter Eagles minted. The design that Gobrecht used for this coin was the coronet motif. On the obverse side of the coin is a depiction of Lady Liberty’s profile with her hair pulled back and two curls hanging down by her neck. The word ‘Liberty’ is inscribed on her coronet. Arched around her are six pointed stars and … [Read more...]

Looking Through the Numismatic Glass

David Bowers, of PCGS, wrote a column “The Joy of Collecting,” published in Coin World on April 2, 2012. In it he said, “The year 2012 marks the sesquicentennial of the greatest monetary disruption in American History.” While the North and South were forced into the most dangerous dispute the nation has ever seen, a variety of coins, currency, tokens and also postage stamps were employed to carry on the commerce. The second part of this article talks about the tokens that were struck by a variety of sources to allow daily transactions possible. Plantations and agriculture in the … [Read more...]

Investing In Gold

When a portfolio is put together it is important to create diversification. This will give your portfolio a good balance of what it needs to be successful. There will be some assets in your portfolio that will have losses and some that will have gains; this will allow your assets to balance each other out off setting any losses. A good way to diversify your portfolio is to make sure you have assets that are different in how they perform. Gold is generally added to portfolios for safety and stability purposes. The reason behind this is that when stocks fall people turn to gold out of … [Read more...]

Why are Semi-Numismatic Coins and Silver Coins Favorable to Investors?

In order to give you a good understanding let me first give you the definition of numismatic. Wikipedia defines it as the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. The government would say that numismatic is gold coins having a recognized special value to collectors. When obtaining gold coins for your portfolio the Governments definition is the one to keep in mind. It also directs you to know which coins are subject to confiscation and which ones are not. This brings us to the guiding question of this article. There are people in the coin … [Read more...]

What Should I Know About Investing in Gold?

Physical gold and paper gold are two ways you can invest in gold and there are several ways to go about doing this.  Your goals, objectives, and time frames will determine what type of gold you will want to acquire. This is the beginning of the process. A precious metals firm can give you guidance and knowledge that will help you determine the best fit for your needs, especially when buying gold and silver online. The only difficult part about speaking with a consultant is that usually if one sells paper gold they do not sell physical gold and vice versa. A gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) … [Read more...]

Gold as another Option to the US Dollar

A lot of worry is going on across the world about the dollar being frail and that it is going to be coming across some hard times. There is good reason for the worry because in the past when the government has driven money out into the market place it has caused inflation, and over the last 18 months the government has printed 2.5 times our money supply. If we look back in time we will see where the over printing of money has created a loss in its value followed by a collapse. A well-known example of a time where this occurred was from 1919 to 1923 in Germany where gold went from 170 Deutsche … [Read more...]

A Guide To Acquiring Silver and Gold Numismatic Coins

gold silver coins

Collecting silver and gold numismatic coins has become more and more popular over the past few decades. Numismatic coins trade at higher values than just the weight of their metal. The rarity, condition, and age of the coin can factor into the market value as well. They are different from silver or gold bullion which are minted solely for metal value and have never been used as legal currency. Numismatic coins are collected as a form of a hobby and also to accumulate wealth, and because of this are afforded certain advantages in the tax codes. You should always consult your tax professional … [Read more...]