Numismatic Gold Coin Pricing Policies

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With the increasing popularity of numismatic coins, the US Treasury took a step forward in setting a new price list for numismatic coins on 12 January 2009. The Deputy Director of the US Mint, Mr. Brunhart, commented the reason for the new pricing. The new pricing of numismatic coins are based on the catalysts of transparency, customer service and agility which allows the Treasury to adjust numismatic gold prices week by week depending on the value of gold. Pricing and policy Previously, the policy regarding numismatic coins was inflexible to buyers and sellers as it was compulsory for … [Read more...]

Price of Numismatic Gold Coins Expected to be Reduced

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A reduced pricing of the numismatic coins by the US Mint is expected sometime at the end of July 2010. A lowered price is linked to the recently lowered gold prices which will affect numismatic gold sales which include the Proof 2010 Gold Buffalo as well as on First Spouse coins with images of Sarah Polk, Jane Pierce, Margaret Taylor and Abigail Fillmore. Brief Introduction on Policies US Mint is now adopting the averaged London Fix as part of its new gold pricing measures. The pricing of the numismatic coins by the United States Mint covers minting, distribution and marketing costs.  … [Read more...]

Numismatic Gold Coins Festival at ANA in Boston

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The American Numismatic Association or ANA is an organization that promotes the existence and value of numismatic gold coins. It is planning a festival some time in early August, 2010 with tentative dates at August 10-14. This fair will showcase all the world’s numismatic coins that are the best and most renowned, being dubbed as the World’s Money Fair to be located in Boston. Visitors will enjoy a spectacular discovery of coins from over 1,100 dealers as well as 18 international mints. It will certainly be quite an educational exposition to new gold coin investors or collectors besides … [Read more...]

Numismatic $20 Saint Gaudens Coins

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There may be many numismatic gold coins on the market but none enjoys the rich heritage that the $20 St. Gaudens gold coin does. It was designed and crafted by the renowned sculpture Augustus Saint Gaudens, who was commissioned by President Roosevelt just at the start of the 20th century. Also known as the Double Eagle, this magnificent $20 gold coin was minted by the U.S. Mint between 1907 and 1933. St. Gaudens lived up to his name and fame by producing the best American coinage design through the Double eagle $20 gold bullion. Specifications of the $20 St Gaudens The weight of the $20 … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins are Great Portfolio Diversifiers

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Investment Diversification A lot of financial experts recommend a mixed portfolio when it comes to investment, and this includes rare gold coins as they tend to be not as volatile in their value change as paper currency like bonds and stocks.  A portfolio can only be successful if you have a mixed portfolio that contains assets which do not move together along the same financial outlook or path so that your losses can be averaged out. Hence, rare gold coins are a good bet as an effective asset that is diversified for your portfolio. Quick Cash Established grading agencies like the … [Read more...]

Numismatic Gold Coins

Numismatic Gold Coins

In 2009, the United States Mint created the numismatic pricing policy. This new policy allows the price adjustment of gold coins in connection to the changing prices of gold in the market. The numismatic policy allows a price change as often as weekly. The average price for the week of gold is based on the London Fix prices which cover the period of Thursday morning to the Wednesday morning of the following week. The price of gold coins changes in accordance to the change in price of gold by $50 increments. The Present Price Trend For Numismatic Gold Coins The price of gold increased … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins in the US

1838 Half Eagle

Rare gold coins can  be a form of investment as well as a hobby. The rarity of any gold coin is calculated by its mint mark, year, type, aesthetic appeal and the number of its type minted. Coin connoisseurs and numismatists regard the following coins as rare, precious and even priceless. Rare Gold Coins 1838 Half Eagle: This rare gold coin was minted in 1838 and the design was given by engraver William Kneass. A left-facing bust of Liberty sporting a headband can be seen on the obverse side of the class head half eagle. The word LIBERTY runs full length from front to back. There are … [Read more...]

Numismatic Gold Coins or Bullion Gold Coins?

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After the monetary stimulus plan was announced by the Federal Reserve to boost the economy, the US bullion prices jumped to a new high at above $1,380 per ounce on November 4, 2010. During this time, investors have turned more towards gold bullion rather than numismatic gold coins. This is true despite the fact that numismatic gold coins have a rare value have sold at exceedingly high prices during auctions. Numismatic Gold Coins Numismatic gold coins are a collector’s joy because these are rare coins, often holding much historical significance that can enrich any coin collection. They … [Read more...]