Coin Grading and Certification

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Coin collectors and investors prefer to source out coins that have a good grading. Such a rating allows the coin to be indemnified with a market value that is to the benefit of coin collectors and investors. Grading Procedure Grading a coin is the necessary procedure undertaken to determine the rightful condition or grade of a coin. Hence, it is important to have the coin graded to ensure its rightful value from its scarcity and demand factors which determine the coin’s value to any coin dealer, collector or investor. There are several processes in grading a coin. The coin must be … [Read more...]

Professional Coin Grading Service


We are going to write a series of blogs pertaining to one of the worlds rare coin grading organizations, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). In the early 1900s, coin collecting started to gain popularity and the condition of a coin, along with its rarity, essentially determined its value as it is today. Over the years, coin grading has evolved to a system of finer and finer grade distinctions, but in that lied the problem. Coin grading was the often subjective assignment by many different coin dealers. Not every dealer saw every coin the same. When the rare coin market was limited to … [Read more...]