US Mint Silver Coins Sales Hit an All Time High

This month American Eagle silver coins have reached an all time high in sales due to the number of people looking for a different currency option as the U.S. central bank continues to move towards unprecedented stimulus. According to mint data the sales for this month have reached 7.42 million ounces so far this month while in December of 2012 total sales only reached 1.635 million ounces. This month is the largest amount of silver sales since 1986. The high demand for silver is being supported by the loose monetary policies and increased industrial consumption. In a report on January … [Read more...]

Performance of US Mint Gold Coins

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Q1 2011 saw 14% drop in US minted gold coins sales due to rising gold prices. But the end of June 2011 saw a flurry of activity among gold investors and traders over many U.S. gold coins. The US minted gold coins’ sales figures for the first half of 2011 are as follows: American 1oz. Gold Buffalo at $78,000 American 1 oz. Gold Eagle at $503,500 American ½ oz. Gold Eagle at $55,000 American ¼ oz. Gold Eagle at $64,000 American 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle at $250,000 Julia Grant Gold coin (First Spouse)September 11, 2011 had the first production of First Spouse and National Medal gold … [Read more...]

Top Rated Mints Of The United States That Yield Coins

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Minting of coins in United States dates back to the late 17th century in 1792. The process began in mints based in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. However, due to increasing demands, there was tremendous shortage of coins and sufficient currency was not available for public use. As a result, the government adopted appropriate arrangements to introduce additional mints for increased production. Following the discovery of gold in Eastern and Western parts of United States, the government started minting gold coins. By the end of 19th century different mints were established in San Francisco, … [Read more...]

Status of the Popular US Mint Gold Coins


The US Mint produced gold coins mainly for the country’s commercial market and trading. The US Mint was established when Congress enacted the 1792 Coinage Act, with its first issue of gold coins in 1795. Specifications of these gold coins change over time with the stock market, interest rates, supply and demand factors influencing their availability and pricing. 1 oz. Buffalo Gold Coins The American Gold Buffalo is one of the US gold coins whose demand exceeds its supply. Its popular 1oz. gold piece is not available from the US Mint with no track of its inventory. The American Gold … [Read more...]

Price of Numismatic Gold Coins Expected to be Reduced

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A reduced pricing of the numismatic coins by the US Mint is expected sometime at the end of July 2010. A lowered price is linked to the recently lowered gold prices which will affect numismatic gold sales which include the Proof 2010 Gold Buffalo as well as on First Spouse coins with images of Sarah Polk, Jane Pierce, Margaret Taylor and Abigail Fillmore. Brief Introduction on Policies US Mint is now adopting the averaged London Fix as part of its new gold pricing measures. The pricing of the numismatic coins by the United States Mint covers minting, distribution and marketing costs.  … [Read more...]

Types of Gold Coins: First Spouse Series

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Four or five coins of 1/2 ounce $10 gold are released every year. As per the Act, new coins in this series will be issued at least till 2016. The design of each coin depicts a portrait of the First Spouse on the obverse side and a scene representing her life or contributions on the reverse side. The series has a subset that carries the portrait of the respective presidents that did not have a spouse while in the office on the reverse side. The obverse of these coins depicts an image of Liberty from a coin that circulated during the era of the respective president. Types of Gold Coins: … [Read more...]