How Rare Gold Coins Enhance Your Portfolio

Gold coins have always been considered as valuable treasures. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of just how valuable they are. The interest in gold coins increased when news broke out about the gold coins worth $200,000 that were discovered by IRS agent Jack Bumgardner in connection with the tax evasion case of Edward K. Eastwood. Because of the renewed interest in gold coins, many have begun to consider acquiring them to add to their investment portfolio. Also with the events following the 2008 global financial crisis, more people are prefering to use gold coins as a portfolio diversifier.
A Study On The Value Of Gold Coins As An Investment

The Senate and Congress of the United States mandated a study on the value of gold coins as an investment. It was conducted by Raymond E. Lombra, an Economics professor at the Penn State. The study encompassed a period of 28 years and was later used by the US Congress as the foundation for several legislations on investment.

The Advantages of Investing In Rare Gold Coins

The study conducted by Professor Lombra proved how advantageous gold coins are as an investment. This is because rare gold coins are the least affected by inflation as compared to other gold assets. Even during times when the prices of gold assets are going down, the value of gold coins can still remain high. There was a time when the price of gold fell from $500 to a low of $360 but the price of rare gold coins increased higher than 600%. Rare gold coins also have an advantage over other gold investments against the lowering prices of stocks and bonds.

The Time-Tested Proof Of The Value Of Rare Gold Coins

Throughout the years, the investment value of gold has been tried and tested. A lot of studies, surveys and researches on different types of investments have been conducted but still rare gold coins remain to be  a great portfolio diversifier. Even going back to the history of America, it can be proven how rare gold coins have always been a great asset shield even during periods of inflation or economic crisis. A study conducted by the Chief Investment Officer of GE Private Asset Management Inc. proved that rare gold coins have brought in elevated returns for the past 62 years. It also proved that including rare gold coins in your portfolio is very advantageous.