Preference over European Gold Coins

There are many types of precious metals for sale on the market today. However, an obvious buy over the years seems to be European gold coins. There is quite a substantial range available for your acquisition consideration if you want to join the crowd.

European gold coins are favored by many gold investors today for many reasons.

Personal Collection

Many financial assets involve the use of a Social Security number (SSN) for their purchases. But with European gold coins, there is no such requirement. Hence, anyone can buy or sell European gold coins. It is a very personal decision and private transaction between you and the gold dealer. There is no worry about identity theft with the acquisition of European gold coins even if identity theft is currently one of America’s great crime concerns. However, for safety’s sake, consult the proper authorities on the right reporting or taxation of all gold acquisitions, including European gold coins.

High Liquidity

As with all gold, European gold coins are very liquid. Their gold purity level is very high too; about 90% or more pure gold. This makes them a strong favorite amongst gold buyers; a typical European gold coin can contain about a fifth of an ounce to a quarter ounce pure gold.

With this high gold content, there is a spark for European gold coins. Moreover, these coins come in a smaller size that is easier for purchasing and storing. They are also easier to transport to their new owners. European gold coins have enjoyed an affirmed recognition by the international communities that it is easy to trade them anywhere today.

Special status

Some gold coins are subject to government’s regulations of reporting and taxation. Most gold pieces were required to be turned over to the American government during President Roosevelt’s decree in the year 1933 where personal possession of certain gold coins was prohibited.

But gold coins that are considered rare with a collectible essence are exempted from that confiscation order. It is thought that European gold coins fall under this rare gold coins category to be exempted from a possible future confiscation. They have a higher value than their bullion content; hence,they are thought to be semi-numismatic.

Hence, anyone is permitted to own any amount of European gold coins depending on your budget.
The above reasons are convincing enough to spark any collection on European gold coins. You can consult a reputable gold dealer to assist you in the acquisition.