Top Rated Mints Of The United States That Yield Coins

Minting of coins in United States dates back to the late 17th century in 1792. The process began in mints based in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. However, due to increasing demands, there was tremendous shortage of coins and sufficient currency was not available for public use. As a result, the government adopted appropriate arrangements to introduce additional mints for increased production.

Following the discovery of gold in Eastern and Western parts of United States, the government started minting gold coins. By the end of 19th century different mints were established in San Francisco, Dahlonega, Charlotte and New Orleans. The last mint was established at Denver in 1904. Top mints of the United States were said to produce approximately ten million coins on daily basis. Minting resulted in usage of raw materials like water and chemicals plus increased energy consumption. Due to serious ecological issues, these mints were modified and new projects were launched that focused on low energy consumption and increased coin production using the limited resources.

Top Mints Of The United States:

1) Headquarters at Washington DC

Being the center of all minting activities, this agency was responsible for formation of policies, administrative works, coin research, development and supervision. Its additional duties include handling market operations, serving customer queries, managing different minting units and processing coin orders.

2) Denver Mint At Colorado

This mint is associated with production of coins belonging to different denominations, production of dyes, uncirculated currency, memorial coins and designing bars or bullions in silver and gold. There are facilities for tourism and sightseeing too.

3) West Point Mint At NY

This location is responsible for producing bullion coins in one-ounce silver. They manufacture proof, uncirculated and circulated gold and platinum coins of American Eagle, bullion coins in Gold, Silver and Platinum, American Buffalo coins in 24 karat gold and other memorial coins recognized by Congress.

4) Philadelphia Mint at Pennsylvania

Being one of the oldest production mints in United States, it is responsible for sculpting engraved coins in metal as well as coin dies. The coins produced are of uncirculated types and for commemorative purposes or public uses. This mint is open for public tourism as well.

5) Other smaller mints

Additional production facilities include mints at Fort Knox (In Kentucky) and at San Francisco (in California). They’re responsible for producing silver and gold bullion coins for different purposes.

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