Rare Gold Coins Advantages

Owners of rare US gold coins have more advantages than many other asset they may possess. The American rare gold coins were minted in the US from 1795 to 1933; from the year in which the Philadelphia Mint started minting coins in gold to the year when the US Mint stopped circulating gold coins as legal tender.
The US gold coins are rare because the US Treasury did recall the coins at least 3 times; in 1830s for gold content correction, during its Civil War for melting and in 1933 when it became illegal to own any gold bullion.
Long-Term Performance

One of the advantages of owning a US rare gold coin is that it has had a long-time record of superb performance due to its scarcity and increased demand from coin collectors, typically outperforming that of gold bullion.

Secure, Safe, Surety

Rare gold coins have all the same benefits as that of gold bullion because they contain almost one full ounce of gold.  This metal is the only asset that has a 5,000-year track record that has stood solid in both good and bad times with a universal acceptance.

Financial Privacy

US rare coins establish your financial status privately without anyone’s knowledge as there is reporting form for any transaction.

Protection on Gold Ownership

It used to be illegal to own gold bullion (1933 to 1974), during that time it was ok to own rare gold coins. Hence the best way to secure gold is through owning rare gold coins.

Investment Benefits

Rare gold coin values are measured independently from other types of investment markets as gold reacts to geopolitical and economic events differently than paper investments. Hence gold is a superb diversification to stocks, cash, bonds and real estate.

Appeal and History

The final advantage of possessing a rare gold coin is that every rare coin represents a portion of American history which recorded the minting period and events leading to its minting. These were the first coins in the American pioneers’ pockets .

Besides the historical appeal, these coins have aesthetic appeal because they are masterpieces that have been minted by American’s first master craftsmen and artisans. It is for these reasons that the US rare gold coins are still a favorite with many today.