How Are Rare Gold Coins Valued?

Gold has become popular in diversifying any portfolio. Different buyers have their own reasons for investing in gold. Numismatic coin collectors prefer the gold coin’s historical significance and other impacting value factors rather than the physical gold content.

Value Determinants of Rare Gold Coins

The preference for rare gold coins stems from the history they contain. Hence, various determinants impact the value of any rare gold coin.


PCGS and NGC are professional third party coin graders and certification authorities on numismatic coins. Based on the coin’s appearance and quality, a certification on the coin is a mark of authenticity with an added safety measure and protection to all numismatic coin owners whether novice or experienced. A certified gold coin adds value to the coin when it is up for sale.


The rarity of a coin enhances its value, since there are very few of these in circulation. They also mark some significant period of history which many serious coin collectors or investors want to own. There may be more common numismatic coins of lower value compared to un-circulated gold coins or rare gold coins. Many gold coin collectors are only content with something that is unique.

Historical Significance

Special gold coins, such as those which survived wars and meltdowns have a higher value. Coins that were minted to commemorate events or certain eras are also higher in value over other types of gold coins. Serious coin collectors seek to collect the complete series just to own the significance of some important historical time line.

Gold Circulation

Gold is very malleable though it has such high value, hence it can be damaged with improper handling. A small hairline scratch, which happens in circulation or transit can lower its value. Hence, un-circulated gold coins are more valuable due to their pristine condition.

Valued Additions

Gold coins accompanied by old letters, souvenirs, old notes, sales literature and original design sketches are more highly valued as these have proofs of authenticity. Hence, many auction catalogs today add to the rare coin’s value with its history in print.