How to Trade Today’s Gold Market

Gold is a great asset as the commodity is a real form of money. The value store and medium of exchange that are trusted features of gold make it worth investing in it as a safe haven. The gold markets have amazing profit opportunities which involve buying and holding strategies and trading strategies. This involves trading gold at the right periods and holding it when the markets are not so good.

One way to capitalize on the opportunities that are readily available in the gold market, is to acquire rare gold coins. The high content of gold in these coins offer all forms of gold security and their scarcity adds to the potential of making profits. Just like modern bullion coins, they have the same ounce of purity (comparing the $20 Saint Gaudens to the 1oz American Eagle for example). The 1933 gold confiscation saw to the dwindling of the coins supply and hence their melting away.
Double Eagles that survived are relativley few when compared to the millions of bullion coins of the modern world such as the Canadian Maple Leaf and the American Gold Eagle. The Double Eagle scarcity can lead to great profit opportunities to the individuals who put their hands on them. They tend to rise very high especially during bull markets of gold and are known for their ability to increase in value even as prices of gold go down. Besides having muscle, they are a good gold hedge over falling prices.

People new in the gold market and who are looking for diversification of their portfolio should consider the Double Eagles. Those owning bullion coins and bars can also use the Double Eagles to increase profit potential and add some diversification as well. ITM representatives are there to help with all the procedures for all circumstances and goals.

Other benefits of using Double Eagles include privacy benefits as well as gold confiscation protection. Since government is the authority retainer in confiscating private gold by law, collectible coins are in most cases exempted from this kind of confiscation. The Double Eagles happen to be collectible; which is what has protected them in the past.

ITM Trading representatives can provide all the necessary strategies and information to you on precious metals and rare gold coins.