St. Gaudens $20 Gold

Two kinds of buyers are usually interested in the numismatic gold coins designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens; gold collectors and investors who desire the best asset of gold, especially in its purest form, to add to their gold coin collection. These dichotomies serve to increase the value of these rare coins in general, especially for the St. Gaudens $20 gold coins.

$20 gold coins are rare productions since their minting was halted in the year 1933 with many earlier pieces melted for the gold content. There are currently just over 1 million US $20 gold pieces in the mint state range in existence.

Numismatic gold pieces are also certified by the government for their gold content which makes them lucrative today as a hedge over inflation and they function like a safe asset in whatever economic situation. These factors affect the demand and pricing of $20 gold pieces that are rare.

St. Gaudens MCMVII Special pieces

This special mint piece which was produced in 1907 was also known as the ‘Twenty Dollar St Gaudens MCMVII High Relief’ gold coin. This special mint piece has only 287 pieces of grade MS65 and higher and they have been jealously guarded by those who own them, making these pieces the one of more rare numismatic gold coins that can be available for purchase. Hence, they are the gold coin trader’s “best friend” as the sale is often fast with a high price offer.

However, there exist two types of St. Gaudens $20 MCMVII High Relief gold coins that came accidentally. They are the “flat edge” and “wire edge” designs where the latter has 80% more metal wedged in a striking lip shape.

The third design is the “Ultra High Relief” or “Extremely High Relief” St Gaudens series which offers only 22-24 pieces (exact number could not be ascertained). Although only 4 variations have been graded, coin experts believe that there may be more pieces in closely held collections.

‘No Motto’ $20 St. Gaudens

The ‘No Motto’ St. Gaudens Twenty Dollar gold coin was minted only in 1907 and 1908. The reason for the coin’s rarity is that the motto, ‘In God We Trust’, was not included in 1907 and first part of 1908 as President Roosevelt did not want the motto engraved.

Most of these St. Gaudens pieces were placed under the care of Wells Fargo Nevada  which put out more than 8,000 pieces of PCGS certified ‘No Motto’ $20 St. Gaudens for trading. This amount includes 90% MS66 grades and all of MS67 grades.

St. Gaudens $20 With Motto

The gold pieces with motto were produced between 1908 and 1933 and gained much popularity as rare coins. The motto was included in their production with an upgraded version of a trimmed leg on the Lady Liberty.

There are currently 349,000 pieces of this rare PCGS certified gold coin. Their beauty and rarity raise their demand as supply is reduced with the order to melt in 1930s. Gold coin collectors and buyers still hunt for these rare coins.

The rarest version has to be the 1933 as it was sold at auction for more than $7.5 million in 2002.