Numismatic $20 Saint Gaudens Coins

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There may be many numismatic gold coins on the market but none enjoys the rich heritage that the $20 St. Gaudens gold coin does. It was designed and crafted by the renowned sculpture Augustus Saint Gaudens, who was commissioned by President Roosevelt just at the start of the 20th century. Also known as the Double Eagle, this magnificent $20 gold coin was minted by the U.S. Mint between 1907 and 1933. St. Gaudens lived up to his name and fame by producing the best American coinage design through the Double eagle $20 gold bullion. Specifications of the $20 St Gaudens The weight of the $20 … [Read more...]

Famous Types of Gold Coins


Coins are commonly scattered all over the house and it is not uncommon for us to find a stash of old coins hidden in one of our closets. Unknown to some of us, some old coins can be worth a lot of money. The problem is that not everyone can recognize famous types of old coins that are very valuable. Some can be worth thousands of dollars if they are sold at auctions. There was even an instance when a woman from the United States earned nearly $100,000 after selling a stash of old coins she found hidden in her garage. Had she not known the value of those old coins, she might have just put them … [Read more...]

St. Gaudens $20 Gold

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Two kinds of buyers are usually interested in the numismatic gold coins designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens; gold collectors and investors who desire the best asset of gold, especially in its purest form, to add to their gold coin collection. These dichotomies serve to increase the value of these rare coins in general, especially for the St. Gaudens $20 gold coins. $20 gold coins are rare productions since their minting was halted in the year 1933 with many earlier pieces melted for the gold content. There are currently just over 1 million US $20 gold pieces in the mint state range in … [Read more...]

The Story of the Twenty Dollar Gold Coin

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In October 2010, gardeners discovered buried American gold coins in an east London garden. Archeologists were astonished to find that the gold coins unearthed were the popular American twenty dollar gold coins, also known as the “Double Eagle”, dating from 1854 to 1913. They are said to have been minted in San Francisco and Philadelphia. They were displayed in the Museum of London in October, shortly after being unearthed. Their estimated value is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Twenty Dollar Gold Coin a.k.a. Double Eagle The twenty dollar gold coins are perhaps among the most famous … [Read more...]