Numismatic Gold Coins Festival at ANA in Boston

The American Numismatic Association or ANA is an organization that promotes the existence and value of numismatic gold coins. It is planning a festival some time in early August, 2010 with tentative dates at August 10-14.

This fair will showcase all the world’s numismatic coins that are the best and most renowned, being dubbed as the World’s Money Fair to be located in Boston. Visitors will enjoy a spectacular discovery of coins from over 1,100 dealers as well as 18 international mints. It will certainly be quite an educational exposition to new gold coin investors or collectors besides a great opportunity to buy and sell for veteran investors and gold coin collectors.

ANA Numismatic Coins Auction

This auction event is scheduled for August 12-16, 2010. It will be the largest auction ever held for a long time. There will be many numismatic gold coins coming from Brazil, China, Great Britain, Russia, Spain and America. The International Numismatics for Heritage Vice President, Cristiano Bierrenbach, mentioned a strong showing for their maiden ANA coin auction from all over the world.

The main attraction at this auction would be the Doubloon numismatic gold coin or more commonly known as the 1775 Carlos III Chile 8 Escudos. This interesting coin combines North & South American heritages during the 18th century. Designed by renowned NY goldsmith, Ephraim Brasher, it is estimated to fetch at least $75,000 with a ceiling of $100,000. Mr. Bierrenbach noted the appreciation of the ‘Brasher Doubloon’ which was renowned amongst early American collectors of coins. The organization claims to have sold Brasher’s private gold designs at premium prices of millions of dollars. They are also on display in the organization’s Auction Hall. The coin comes in VF condition with the traditional ‘EB’ hallmark indicating its compliance with the required standards of American weights.

Interesting Pieces at ANA, Boston

There will be two other interesting numismatic gold pieces that will turn heads at the ANA auction in Boston. The Highlands Park Collection from British Coins is also known as Charles I Triple Unite gold. It was minted in Oxford in the year 1644 and may fetch $40,000 to $50,000.

The Nicholas II is from a Russian batch of only 301 pieces. They were minted to celebrate Nicholas II’s coronation. Its pure gold content stands at 32 grams that can bring on a sale value between $125,000 and $150,000.

Ship of Gold on Display

ANA’s Money Fair will also showcase the Gold Rush era’s sunken treasures which are coins recovered from the 1857 sunken ship, SS Central America. Another highlight at this exhibition is the one hundred and ten pieces of double eagles as per its storage in the old cargo box.

Besides the exhibits, there will be a few educational conferences with interesting topics held on 12 August 2010.

There is already a lot of hype about this upcoming festival that is exciting both the investors and coin collectors which would make it a great conversational piece after it is over.