‘Last Opportunity’ for Gold Traders

In the first week of November, the United States Mint announced a ‘Last Opportunity’ with the purpose of clearing out its inventory. Gold traders await this event and the ‘Last Opportunity’ page on the Mint’s website has already been displaying the notices and the dates when sales will end. US mint coins that will no longer remain in sale in December basically include two gold coins, two silver coins, a clad set and two medal sets. The sale will commence at 12:01 a.m. (ET) on November 15 and will end on December 19 5 p.m. Ending sales dates is different for different coins.

margaret taylor gold coinFor instance, the sale of the following two coins will end at 12:00 noon ET on December 2, 2010.

  • 2009 Margaret Taylor First Spouse Gold Uncirculated Coin
  • 2009

‘Last Opportunity’ First Spouse Gold Coins for Gold Traders

Introduced on December 3, 2009, the Margaret Taylor gold coin was the fifth release for the year and thirteenth release overall in the First Spouse Gold Coins program meant to honor the first ladies of the United States. Till the end of the first week of November the proof Taylor coin was listed for $829 whereas the uncirculated Taylor coin was listed at $816. The sales figure till then stood at 4,617 and 3,320 for these coins. Margaret Taylor was America’s First Lady during her husband Zachary Taylor’s tenure as President from 1849 to1850.

The coin’s obverse depicts Margaret Taylor’s portrait, whereas the other side features the First Lady putting bandage on a soldier wounded in the Seminole War. Phebe Hemphill and Charles Vickers were the respective designer and sculptor of the obverse side and the reverse side of the coin was designed and sculpted by Mary Beth Zeiz and Jim Licaretz.

The Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse gold coins will be on sale at noon ET on December 2. These are the last 24 karat gold coins to be issued in 2010. The sale will be the final release of this coins in 2010 and the seventeenth release overall. Mary Todd Lincoln gold coins are expected to be among the most popular from the First Spouse program in recent years.

The obverse of this coin has the First Lady’s portrait that was both designed and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The inscriptions on this side are her name, serving term, the Presidency order, Liberty, ‘In God We Trust’ and the date the coin was issued. On the other hand, the reverse of the coin features a depiction of Mary Todd Lincoln paying a visit to Union soldiers wounded in the war. She is also carrying books and flowers. This side was designed by Joel Iskowitz, whereas Phebe Hemphill was the sculptor. The reverse side has inscriptions mentioning ‘E Pluribus Unum’, ‘United States of America’ and data about the gold content.

The United States Mint has, in fact, made it a standard to take older First Spouse Gold coins off sale after newer versions are released. The ‘Last Opportunity’ section of the Mint’s website was started in 2008 and has been rolled out many times since then. It was in May 2010 that the sale major notice was announced in which the Mint mentioned ending sales dates for coins featuring 2009 Lincoln cents.

Some other coins that will be part of the sale are:

  • 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Proof Silver Dollar
  • 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Uncirculated Silver Dollar
  • 2009 DC & US Territories Quarters Proof Set
  • 2009 Polk Presidential & First Spouse Medal Set
  • 2009 Taylor Presidential & First Spouse Medal Set

The sale will be for a limited period and the coin and medal products will be given to buyers on first come, first serve basis.