Why are Semi-Numismatic Coins and Silver Coins Favorable to Investors?

In order to give you a good understanding let me first give you the definition of numismatic. Wikipedia defines it as the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. The government would say that numismatic is gold coins having a recognized special value to collectors. When obtaining gold coins for your portfolio the Governments definition is the one to keep in mind. It also directs you to know which coins are subject to confiscation and which ones are not. This brings us to the guiding question of this article.

There are people in the coin industry that sell coins under the semi-numismatic name just to avoid possible confiscation. People take common coins that are believed to have no collectable value and place them under this name so that they will not be confiscated if something like this were to happen again. If the Government were to confiscate gold again there is no telling whether or not these coins would be eliminated from the confiscation. However, many people do believe that graded rare gold coins would still be eliminated from confiscation. Semi numismatic coins are old coins whereby most of their value is due to bullion content. Semi-numismatic coins that have a fifth of an ounce of gold content are gold Swiss Francs, French Francs and British sovereigns.

A lot of people favor these coins because they are small in size and they are inexpensive compared to graded rare gold coins. Your dealer will be the one to give you the final cost when purchasing Gold Swiss Francs but they will run you between $275-$300. In my opinion I don’t believe that investors favor Gold Swiss Francs they just like that they are cheaper than that of rare gold coins.  In fact Liberty gold coins and $20 Saint Gaudens have performed better long-term than Gold Swiss Francs which, makes it a false statement to say investors prefer them because investors want the best rate of return. Gold Swiss Francs are easier for new investors to approach and this is why they are sold like they are.

It is important to figure out what goals and objectives you want to have for your portfolio before you begin purchasing any type of coins. You want to make sure that you purchase the right coins that will meet your needs. If Gold Francs are what you want then go for it but make sure you are not just buying them because they are affordable. It is easy to check the price on these coins so make sure you do your research because some companies will charge you more than their actual worth in order to gain a large profit. It is critical to do research so that you acquire the right coins to meet your portfolio needs.