How Is Gold Used?

There are several uses for gold and they come in a wide variety. Meaning, gold as an investment is not the only way gold is used. Gold is a very valuable metal that has several unique properties that contribute to making it very popular amongst many industries. Gold has a high level of malleability, ductility, it resists corrosion, and many other chemical reactions, it has great electrical conductivity, it reflects infra red light and has great thermal conductivity properties. Gold is used in a wide variety of electronic devices such as home appliances, cell phones, telephones, and … [Read more...]

Is Gold Truly the Choice for Store of Value?

Gold has been around for more than 5,000 years and has been cherished by many. Individuals, civilizations, and royalty have found a love for gold due to its inherent value and its pristine beauty. Throughout the years many countries have used gold for trading purposes as well as for legal tender. Gold is prominent in jewelry, industry and used often artistically. Gold has and probably always will be a store of value.  Look at the US Liberty gold coins as an example, minted as late as 1907 at $20 for almost an ounce of gold and that coin today is worth more than $1,600 on the low … [Read more...]

Why are Semi-Numismatic Coins and Silver Coins Favorable to Investors?

In order to give you a good understanding let me first give you the definition of numismatic. Wikipedia defines it as the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. The government would say that numismatic is gold coins having a recognized special value to collectors. When obtaining gold coins for your portfolio the Governments definition is the one to keep in mind. It also directs you to know which coins are subject to confiscation and which ones are not. This brings us to the guiding question of this article. There are people in the coin … [Read more...]

The Steady Value of Gold against Other Commodities

gold performance

When compared to other trading commodities, gold has shown a steady increase in value even when other commodities in the market seem to be losing value. Gold coins are the commodity which interests most investors with the sales of and demand for these coins hitting an all-time high compared to the previous years’ performance. In the month of May of this year alone, the US mint has managed to sell 85,000 ounces of the famous American Eagle gold coins. Although such sales decrease the spot price of this precious metal asset, huge increases in price are always expected the following year. In … [Read more...]

Historic Gold Pieces


Gold has been considered a commodity of great value since ancient times as it has been in use as a precious metal for centuries and has never gone to zero value. It has instead been accumulating greater value and has continued to be a means of trade for most countries on the international platform. This metal has proven to be of worth in all fields and its rarity and purity have made it a great material for representing ideas such as love, decoration and even power depending on how it is used. The appeal of gold took over most regions of the world in ancient times with the greatly impacted … [Read more...]