Understanding the Price of Gold

On July 19th, 2013, Ben Bernanke said during the Senate Banking Committee hearing, “Nobody understands gold prices and I don’t pretend to either.” This generalization has caused a bit of backlash from financial experts, and raises the question whether anyone can really understand the price of gold? Let’s take a look. Experts agree that the price of gold typically ties closely with the supply of money. In other words, gold follows global liquidity; when gold supply doesn’t change, but more money is chasing the gold, the gold price goes up. Said another way: supply and demand drive … [Read more...]

Questions Regarding a Precious Metals IRA Account (Part 3)

Is it Easy to Manage an IRA Account? A self-directed IRA account offers more flexibility and is more convenient than any other account. Any changes that you would like to make to your account can be done by phone or fax if you so desire. You will be given statements on a regular basis that will provide you with your estimated market valuation of your assets. The estimated value given is based on bullion value of your holdings and not numismatic value. What Type of Fees Are There for This Type of Account? Setup fees will vary depending upon what trust company you decide to work with. … [Read more...]

Questions Regarding a Precious Metals IRA Account (Part 2)

What Investments can be Rolled Over into a Precious Metals IRA Account? There are several investments that can be rolled over into a precious metals IRA account such as 403(b) plans, profit sharing plans, and existing IRA holdings. You can roll the following investments over by issuing the trustee of your account a transfer funds request or by pulling the investments out yourself and reinvesting them into your precious metals IRA account. If you choose to pull the investments and reinvest them into your new account you can have the same rollover status as long as you put the money in your … [Read more...]

Questions Regarding a Precious Metals IRA Account (Part 1)

We started a Three part series answering some frequently asked questions regarding precious metals IRA's.  Enjoy. What are the Eligibility Requirements? In order to set up an Individual Retirement Account you must get a compensation form from your employer, self-employment, or alimony. Income from investments, pensions, and annuities do not qualify. Opening an IRA account does not require a huge amount of money, which provides people with lower end budgets the ability to open up an account. If you wanted to open up a Traditional IRA Account you have to be younger than 70 ½ years of … [Read more...]

Information on Gold

Before making the decision to purchase gold you will want to obtain as much information on gold as possible. The more knowledge you have around the types of gold, where to purchase, how to purchase, price, value etc. the more likely you are to get the best deal on your purchase. The more knowledge you have will also give you a greater possibility of making more money and increasing your assets. If you are one that is more interested in collecting coins, then collecting coins that are hard to get your hands on and are very beautiful are going to make your experience that more enjoyable. Some … [Read more...]

How Is Gold Used?

There are several uses for gold and they come in a wide variety. Meaning, gold as an investment is not the only way gold is used. Gold is a very valuable metal that has several unique properties that contribute to making it very popular amongst many industries. Gold has a high level of malleability, ductility, it resists corrosion, and many other chemical reactions, it has great electrical conductivity, it reflects infra red light and has great thermal conductivity properties. Gold is used in a wide variety of electronic devices such as home appliances, cell phones, telephones, and … [Read more...]

When Should I Sell My Gold?

When should I sell my gold is a great question and one that everyone should take into consideration and put some thought into. The answer to these questions weighs heavily on why you purchased gold in the first place and what your goals and objectives are for owning gold. If your reason behind owning gold was because you were enamored by their beauty and wanted them as collection pieces then you probably are not considering selling them to begin with. However, if you purchased gold bullion bars, antique gold coins, or proof sets then you were most likely thinking into the future with the … [Read more...]

IRA’s and Gold

When there is an increase in the price of gold more people begin taking an interest in purchasing it. Large institutional buyers have bought gold for years and the general public only recently started investing in gold, and they only make up a small percent of buyers. If you decided to make an investment in gold you would have the option of choosing paper gold or physical gold. One aspect of physical gold that most investors are not aware of is that it can be bought and held in an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). If you currently have an IRA or 401K that can be rolled over you … [Read more...]

Is Gold Truly the Choice for Store of Value?

Gold has been around for more than 5,000 years and has been cherished by many. Individuals, civilizations, and royalty have found a love for gold due to its inherent value and its pristine beauty. Throughout the years many countries have used gold for trading purposes as well as for legal tender. Gold is prominent in jewelry, industry and used often artistically. Gold has and probably always will be a store of value.  Look at the US Liberty gold coins as an example, minted as late as 1907 at $20 for almost an ounce of gold and that coin today is worth more than $1,600 on the low … [Read more...]

How Do I Buy Gold Coins?

Every first big purchase is a scary one, buying your first home, your first car etc. The same emotions surface around buying gold for the first time. The initial thing you want to do when buying gold for the first time is get educated around it, just like you would do when buying a home or car. This makes the process a little easier and smoother. You will want to know what coins are available and how they will best fit your portfolio. Once you understand the coins and have an idea of your goals and objectives, buying gold becomes an easy process. Let me help familiarize you with … [Read more...]