The Majority of Americans Choose Gold

The latest CNBC All-American Economic Survey shows investors to believe that gold is the “best investment,” better than real estate or stocks. There is a lot of liking towards the shiny yellow metal. Seemingly there are no limits to this metal, from geographic regions, income levels and political parties. According to pollster Jay Campbell of Hart Research who ran the poll survey for CNBC “Gold has taken over perceptions across the public as being a good investment. If not first, gold comes in as a very close second among investors.” The poll indicates that gold is the “best … [Read more...]

Exchanging with Gold and Silver

Something that could become a reality in the near future due to the dollar losing it’s value is going to the store and purchasing a gallon of milk with 1/10th ounce of silver, or a pre- 1965 dime. Kind of hard to imagine but some states are actually trying to make this happen in an advance of any type of dollar collapse. In the past people used gold and silver as money, in fact between 1795 and 1933, gold, silver and paper dollars were used concurrently for spending. Quarters and dimes were composed of silver until 1965. When President Nixon removed the backing of the dollar with gold in … [Read more...]

Can Gold Overcome the Financial Crisis?

Gold is a great tool for getting through a financial crisis. Some examples of when gold is favorable is when there is instability in the stock market, inflation/hyperinflation, global debt crisis, banking problems, and over printing of money/collapse of the dollar. For over 5,000 years people have found gold to be very valuable. Through the advancement of technology, civilization plunging, and money coming and going, gold has held its value.  To this day gold is considered the ultimate store of value.  Case in point, look at the worlds 2nd largest country by population, India, there the … [Read more...]

Reasons for Gold

$20 liberty gold coin

There are many reasons for investing in gold today. Safe haven Gold has proven to be an excellent safe haven during crises no matter how short or long the crisis’ duration was. Even if the next crisis cannot be predicted or foreseen, gold will still hold strong. But today, many “black swans” have surfaced in just the last two years, making the markets susceptible to the beck and call of such events. Hence, gold is appreciated as a short-term hedge against an unstable economy. As for a longer term effect, gold gains its owners confidence in view of increasing inflation; … [Read more...]

Demand for Gold

demand for gold

One of the main reasons for the intensive mining of gold is that it is a rare metal. As of today, this shiny yellow commodity exists only in a quantity of 165,000 metric tons. If all of it were put together, you would only get a pure 24K gold cube of 20 meters. Hence, the demand for buying gold rises globally. It is widely used in jewelry by many ethnic groups, with India and China taking the lead, with 60% of their gold used for jewelry. But other demands for gold are for investment, for central bank reserves and for technology. Each sector has different dynamics driving the demand for … [Read more...]

Buying Gold Coins: What You Should Know About Gold Prices

gold us dollar

The price of gold increased by 6% during the third quarter of 2010, as reported by US Mint. This surge stemmed from the increased demand of bullion gold and gold coin of 5% in September. The US dollar’s decline also boosted gold investment. Hedge funds also played a part in boosting the gold coins’ prices. It was suggested that the US Mint had trouble keeping up with the production of gold coins and bullion gold due to the increasing gold demand. The 24-karat American Gold Buffalo and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins were the market’s favorite for the third quarter. Understanding … [Read more...]

Commemorative Coins

commemorative gold coin

United States Commemorative coins are among the choices of those interested in buying gold coins. The United States Mint has been minting commemorative coins with the authorization of the US Congress for years now. The purpose of producing these coins is to honor famous people, events, institutions and places. Commemorative coins are struck in gold, silver and clad (gold plated), and can be divided into the following: Old coins that were produced from 1892 to 1981 Modern coins that are being produced since 1982 The United States Mint has already announced the various commemorative … [Read more...]