Where Would A Country Like Germany Stock Up Its Gold

Where would a country like Germany stock up its gold? The answer would be obvious right? Of course within the geographic domains of the country! In all likelihood, the gold would be lying safely in a heavily guarded vault, somewhere in Frankfurt. This, however, is far from reality! You would be surprised to learn that the gold reserves of Germany, which is the second largest in the world, are held by Paris, New York and London. It is only now that a campaign for bringing all the reserves back to the country has been mobilized and is gathering steam with every passing day. A phenomenon such … [Read more...]

Estimate the Gold Price in January 2014

The connection between gold and other monetary forms is evident from the available long-term charts. The long-term charts reflect that one performs better than the other, until the other tries to match up. However, let us consider the present scenario that is the US monetary base expansion from the time when the financial slump hit in 2008. As the Fed has announced "QEternity," it can be concluded that the monetary base expansion will persist. As a matter of fact, it the growth continues till the end of January 2014, there is a possibility that the price of gold will be approximately $2,300 … [Read more...]

The Majority of Americans Choose Gold

The latest CNBC All-American Economic Survey shows investors to believe that gold is the “best investment,” better than real estate or stocks. There is a lot of liking towards the shiny yellow metal. Seemingly there are no limits to this metal, from geographic regions, income levels and political parties. According to pollster Jay Campbell of Hart Research who ran the poll survey for CNBC “Gold has taken over perceptions across the public as being a good investment. If not first, gold comes in as a very close second among investors.” The poll indicates that gold is the “best … [Read more...]

History of Gold

gold history

Gold has a glittering history since the ancient days. From gold flakes to gold bars, the ability to buy gold has come in many forms over the centuries. Some golden moments that make up its history are briefly recorded below: Around c.3600 BC – Gold was smelted by the Egyptians using blowpipes. 2600 BC - ancient Mesopotamian goldsmith crafted the first few pieces of gold jewelry. Between 1200 and 1500 BC, a new casting technique was developed; the so called lost-wax technique was used in the jewelry process to improve the hardness of gold, allowing color variations. 1223 BC - … [Read more...]

Gold Bullion and Credit Cards

gold bullion

Gold and credit cards have the same purpose and powers and can be considered very different from other forms of money. They both symbolize wealth status of individuals but can be very risky, especially with lack of discipline and responsibility. Apart from destroying wealth, credit cards have reduced a number of Americans into paupers because of misuse. The excessive credit limits coming with the cards can be very tempting, hence leading to misuse of the funds even in ways that are not necessary. Americans and debts The one thing that credit cards have done is thrown Americans and the … [Read more...]

Gold and the Dollar Market Summary

Gold Market

Gold serves as the counterweight for the U.S dollar regardless of the fact that most claim the two do not go together. In spite of the fact that it is the reserve currency of the world and is of very high value, in demand and confidence the dollar stands to be above gold. The value and demand of gold increases when the dollar’s confidence is low making the two go hand in hand. There are exceptions where the dollar and gold have behaved in the same manner in that they were both weak and in the same direction but because of many unrelated factors. Also, there are those periods when the two … [Read more...]

Gold Prices in the Global Economy

It is often heard that gold functions as a hedge against inflation or that gold prices are correlated to the US dollar. These assertions do not reveal the total behavior or understanding of most Americans who view gold in a broader perspective in the US economy such as the global stock market, the nation’s inflation or even the GDP of US. Gold is as important to an individual as to the US portfolio as the demand for this shiny metal was only 11% in the US between 2004 and 2008 whereas the remaining 89% demand was not accounted for to appreciate the metal’s true worth. There is a … [Read more...]