Performance of US Mint Gold Coins

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Q1 2011 saw 14% drop in US minted gold coins sales due to rising gold prices. But the end of June 2011 saw a flurry of activity among gold investors and traders over many U.S. gold coins. The US minted gold coins’ sales figures for the first half of 2011 are as follows: American 1oz. Gold Buffalo at $78,000 American 1 oz. Gold Eagle at $503,500 American ½ oz. Gold Eagle at $55,000 American ¼ oz. Gold Eagle at $64,000 American 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle at $250,000 Julia Grant Gold coin (First Spouse)September 11, 2011 had the first production of First Spouse and National Medal gold … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins

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US rare gold coins were created by the US Mint prior to 1933. These rare gold coins were minted by 6 various US Mints. The most popular are probably the Liberty and Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins The latter were desighed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and weighed at 33.43 grams. They contain 0.9675 oz of gold or a 90% gold composition. The $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins were the most popular and most wanted by collectors during the time of the US Industrial revolution from the 19th to the early parts of the 20th century. There are two types of $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins, the ones with a motto and the … [Read more...]

Gold and the Dollar Market Summary

Gold Market

Gold serves as the counterweight for the U.S dollar regardless of the fact that most claim the two do not go together. In spite of the fact that it is the reserve currency of the world and is of very high value, in demand and confidence the dollar stands to be above gold. The value and demand of gold increases when the dollar’s confidence is low making the two go hand in hand. There are exceptions where the dollar and gold have behaved in the same manner in that they were both weak and in the same direction but because of many unrelated factors. Also, there are those periods when the two … [Read more...]

Spot Price of Gold

Gold is considered a universal trading commodity which is likened to timeless money. It can be traded in various manners such as cash payment through bank wires as well as cashier’s check with an immediate delivery. These transactions happen frequently everyday where the agreed price benchmarked is known as gold’s “spot” price or “cash” price as commonly called. Many traders of gold insist on a minimal ounce per transaction at any spot price. A common mistake made by new or novice investors trading gold is referring to the futures price of gold rather than the spot price. The … [Read more...]

Gold Prices in the Global Economy

It is often heard that gold functions as a hedge against inflation or that gold prices are correlated to the US dollar. These assertions do not reveal the total behavior or understanding of most Americans who view gold in a broader perspective in the US economy such as the global stock market, the nation’s inflation or even the GDP of US. Gold is as important to an individual as to the US portfolio as the demand for this shiny metal was only 11% in the US between 2004 and 2008 whereas the remaining 89% demand was not accounted for to appreciate the metal’s true worth. There is a … [Read more...]

US $20 Gold Coin

The United States produced $20 gold coins from the year 1849 to the year 1933. These rare gold coins are in very high demand among all mint gold coins produced by the US. US. Production of these coins was halted in 1933 with many melted in the same year as per the United States government’s order. Those that exist today are because they were stashed away or were outside US during that time. It is a privilege to own one of these today. Most Popular Gold Coins There were many types of US $20 gold coins produced; the most popular and in high demand are the US$20 Liberty Head and US$20 … [Read more...]