Information on Gold

Before making the decision to purchase gold you will want to obtain as much information on gold as possible. The more knowledge you have around the types of gold, where to purchase, how to purchase, price, value etc. the more likely you are to get the best deal on your purchase. The more knowledge you have will also give you a greater possibility of making more money and increasing your assets. If you are one that is more interested in collecting coins, then collecting coins that are hard to get your hands on and are very beautiful are going to make your experience that more enjoyable. Some … [Read more...]

IRA’s and Gold

When there is an increase in the price of gold more people begin taking an interest in purchasing it. Large institutional buyers have bought gold for years and the general public only recently started investing in gold, and they only make up a small percent of buyers. If you decided to make an investment in gold you would have the option of choosing paper gold or physical gold. One aspect of physical gold that most investors are not aware of is that it can be bought and held in an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). If you currently have an IRA or 401K that can be rolled over you … [Read more...]

How Do I Buy Gold Coins?

Every first big purchase is a scary one, buying your first home, your first car etc. The same emotions surface around buying gold for the first time. The initial thing you want to do when buying gold for the first time is get educated around it, just like you would do when buying a home or car. This makes the process a little easier and smoother. You will want to know what coins are available and how they will best fit your portfolio. Once you understand the coins and have an idea of your goals and objectives, buying gold becomes an easy process. Let me help familiarize you with … [Read more...]

American Gold Eagle

History behind the Gold American Eagle Coins have been minted in the United States for hundreds of years, and from 1795 to 1933 gold coins were struck and used as money on a daily basis. Gold coins were limited in their quantity; they came in several different series and designs, they vary from as low as $1 dollar all the way up to $20 (face value).  President Roosevelt held a confiscation in 1933 and recalled all gold coins from public circulation. Once these coins were collected the Treasury Department melted them. Fort Knox Kentucky holds a huge amount of 400-ounce gold bricks … [Read more...]

Who’s Buying Physical Gold?

There are many people all over the world that have been obtaining physical gold from gold companies. People obtain gold for different reasons. For example, they might obtain gold for preservation of principle or capital appreciation. Gold is good for providing financial insurance for your paper assets that are in your portfolio. This is due to the fact that gold and paper assets typically have an inverse relationship, so when stocks go down gold prices go up and vice versa. There have been times where stocks and gold both went up at the same time. Individuals, central banks, large … [Read more...]

Gold and Silver as a Substitute for Cash

The state of Virginia presented House Joint Resolution Number 557 on January 12, 2011 to put together a group to learn whether the Commonwealth should implement a different type of currency in case the Federal Reserve/dollar was to collapse. This morning I read the proposal that was put together and I was astonished. I believe that this proposal was a brave and clever move; something that we should all bear in mind for ourselves. The text sites a Supreme Court ruling that the states can protect their citizens well being, land, and lives. Which comprises of the preservation of a sufficient … [Read more...]

Financial Combat

We are currently in a time where purchasing and investing in gold coins and bars are something everyone should consider doing. Each month in dealing with the slow economy and the deficits our government is relying on the borrowing of more money and the printing of fiat currency via the Federal Reserve. Money saved becomes devalued as each dollar printed lessens the value of those already in the system, not to mention the lowest interest rates on savings in history. According to the Federal Reserve the inflation rate has been low and they are planning on attaining increased rates in the … [Read more...]

Can Gold Overcome the Financial Crisis?

Gold is a great tool for getting through a financial crisis. Some examples of when gold is favorable is when there is instability in the stock market, inflation/hyperinflation, global debt crisis, banking problems, and over printing of money/collapse of the dollar. For over 5,000 years people have found gold to be very valuable. Through the advancement of technology, civilization plunging, and money coming and going, gold has held its value.  To this day gold is considered the ultimate store of value.  Case in point, look at the worlds 2nd largest country by population, India, there the … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins are Great Portfolio Diversifiers

gold coins investments

Investment Diversification A lot of financial experts recommend a mixed portfolio when it comes to investment, and this includes rare gold coins as they tend to be not as volatile in their value change as paper currency like bonds and stocks.  A portfolio can only be successful if you have a mixed portfolio that contains assets which do not move together along the same financial outlook or path so that your losses can be averaged out. Hence, rare gold coins are a good bet as an effective asset that is diversified for your portfolio. Quick Cash Established grading agencies like the … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins in the US

1838 Half Eagle

Rare gold coins can  be a form of investment as well as a hobby. The rarity of any gold coin is calculated by its mint mark, year, type, aesthetic appeal and the number of its type minted. Coin connoisseurs and numismatists regard the following coins as rare, precious and even priceless. Rare Gold Coins 1838 Half Eagle: This rare gold coin was minted in 1838 and the design was given by engraver William Kneass. A left-facing bust of Liberty sporting a headband can be seen on the obverse side of the class head half eagle. The word LIBERTY runs full length from front to back. There are … [Read more...]