Questions Regarding a Precious Metals IRA Account (Part 3)

Is it Easy to Manage an IRA Account? A self-directed IRA account offers more flexibility and is more convenient than any other account. Any changes that you would like to make to your account can be done by phone or fax if you so desire. You will be given statements on a regular basis that will provide you with your estimated market valuation of your assets. The estimated value given is based on bullion value of your holdings and not numismatic value. What Type of Fees Are There for This Type of Account? Setup fees will vary depending upon what trust company you decide to work with. … [Read more...]

Questions Regarding a Precious Metals IRA Account (Part 2)

What Investments can be Rolled Over into a Precious Metals IRA Account? There are several investments that can be rolled over into a precious metals IRA account such as 403(b) plans, profit sharing plans, and existing IRA holdings. You can roll the following investments over by issuing the trustee of your account a transfer funds request or by pulling the investments out yourself and reinvesting them into your precious metals IRA account. If you choose to pull the investments and reinvest them into your new account you can have the same rollover status as long as you put the money in your … [Read more...]

Questions Regarding a Precious Metals IRA Account (Part 1)

We started a Three part series answering some frequently asked questions regarding precious metals IRA's.  Enjoy. What are the Eligibility Requirements? In order to set up an Individual Retirement Account you must get a compensation form from your employer, self-employment, or alimony. Income from investments, pensions, and annuities do not qualify. Opening an IRA account does not require a huge amount of money, which provides people with lower end budgets the ability to open up an account. If you wanted to open up a Traditional IRA Account you have to be younger than 70 ½ years of … [Read more...]