$10 Liberty Head Eagle

In 1804 President Thomas Jefferson put an end to the minting of eagles due to their melt value being greater than their monetary value. There was a large amount of these coins being melted and 30 years after the minting of eagles had been stopped, the standard weight and fineness for gold coins was changed. Eagles had a weight of 270 grains and it was changed to 258 and the gold fineness went from 91.67% to 90% gold. In 1838 Mint Director Patterson commissioned Engraver Gobrecht to create a new die that will be used to mint the eagles with the new changes. In 1866 the Type 2 Liberty Head … [Read more...]

$5 Liberty Head Gold Coin

The $5 Liberty Head gold coin with motto was minted from 1866-1908. The designer of this coin was Christian Gobrecht. On the obverse side of the coin is a profile image of Lady Liberty wearing a coronet. Her hair is pulled back with two strands of curly hair hanging down by her neck. Arched around her are 13 stars that represent the 13 original colonies and the mint date near the bottom. On the reverse side of the coin is an image of the heraldic American Eagle looking to the left and the motto “In God We Trust.” The eagle is holding olive branches and arrows in his talons that represent … [Read more...]

$2.50 Liberty Head

The Liberty Head Quarter Eagle was minted from 1940 to 1907 and was designed by Christian Gobrecht. This coin went the longest amount of time then any other coinage series without any modifications being done to the design. During this time there 11,921,171 Liberty Head Quarter Eagles minted. The design that Gobrecht used for this coin was the coronet motif. On the obverse side of the coin is a depiction of Lady Liberty’s profile with her hair pulled back and two curls hanging down by her neck. The word ‘Liberty’ is inscribed on her coronet. Arched around her are six pointed stars and … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Safety of Your US Gold Coins

gold coins safety

Wayland, Maine, police made an important revelation in the first week of November about a burglary that occurred in September. According to Wayland Police Detective Ruth Backman, Alexander Farnsworth (25), a resident of Fitchburg, stole US gold coins valued at $75,000 from a Wayland based coin collector from his Sears Road home. The owner had hired some men for certain chores in his house and Farnsworth was one of them. Farnsworth is already dead now, so police cannot question him. However, few days before his death he was arrested on charges of possession of drugs and a gun by the federal … [Read more...]

US Gold Mint: What’s in for 2011

gettysburg national military park gold coin

With 2010 wrapping up, the expectations of US gold coin investors and collectors remain high. They want to quickly grab whatever is available during 2010 and have their eyes already set on what is going to come up in 2011. According to updates by Coin Update, the US gold mint is planning to bring out its widely demanded core annual sets in January 2011. The products will include the following: 2011 Proof Set 2011 Mint Set 2011 Silver Proof Set The annual sets have traditionally been released in the middle of the year. Even in 2010, investors and collectors had to wait until July … [Read more...]