Looking Through the Numismatic Glass

David Bowers, of PCGS, wrote a column “The Joy of Collecting,” published in Coin World on April 2, 2012. In it he said, “The year 2012 marks the sesquicentennial of the greatest monetary disruption in American History.” While the North and South were forced into the most dangerous dispute the nation has ever seen, a variety of coins, currency, tokens and also postage stamps were employed to carry on the commerce. The second part of this article talks about the tokens that were struck by a variety of sources to allow daily transactions possible. Plantations and agriculture in the … [Read more...]

Professional Coin Grading Service


We are going to write a series of blogs pertaining to one of the worlds rare coin grading organizations, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). In the early 1900s, coin collecting started to gain popularity and the condition of a coin, along with its rarity, essentially determined its value as it is today. Over the years, coin grading has evolved to a system of finer and finer grade distinctions, but in that lied the problem. Coin grading was the often subjective assignment by many different coin dealers. Not every dealer saw every coin the same. When the rare coin market was limited to … [Read more...]

Rarest Gold Coins In The World

rarest gold coins

Finding an exact list of the rarest gold coins in the world may not exist but you can find listings for some of the rarest gold coins that have ever been sold. Most of us will never seen one of these rare gems let alone own one but for some of the wealthiest people in the world it is a reality. Despite the fact that one has to be ridiculously wealthy to be able to purchase one of these rare gold coins, that hasn’t stopped collectors, investors and coin aficionados from appreciating them for not just their value, but most often for their beauty and rarity. The majority of rare gold coins … [Read more...]