US Mint Silver Coins Sales Hit an All Time High

This month American Eagle silver coins have reached an all time high in sales due to the number of people looking for a different currency option as the U.S. central bank continues to move towards unprecedented stimulus. According to mint data the sales for this month have reached 7.42 million ounces so far this month while in December of 2012 total sales only reached 1.635 million ounces. This month is the largest amount of silver sales since 1986. The high demand for silver is being supported by the loose monetary policies and increased industrial consumption. In a report on January … [Read more...]

Canadian Silver Coins

Canadian silver coins are a great collectors item not only because of their aesthetic beauty but also because of their silver content. Coin collectors don’t just collect coins to increase their assets, in fact most coin collectors do it because it can be a fun and enjoyable pastime. Silver coins are great to collect because they are the most affordable of all precious metal coins and it is quite easy to build a large collection pretty quickly. The most popular Canadian silver coin is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. There was so much success with the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf produced in … [Read more...]

Looking Through the Numismatic Glass

David Bowers, of PCGS, wrote a column “The Joy of Collecting,” published in Coin World on April 2, 2012. In it he said, “The year 2012 marks the sesquicentennial of the greatest monetary disruption in American History.” While the North and South were forced into the most dangerous dispute the nation has ever seen, a variety of coins, currency, tokens and also postage stamps were employed to carry on the commerce. The second part of this article talks about the tokens that were struck by a variety of sources to allow daily transactions possible. Plantations and agriculture in the … [Read more...]

A Guide To Acquiring Silver and Gold Numismatic Coins

gold silver coins

Collecting silver and gold numismatic coins has become more and more popular over the past few decades. Numismatic coins trade at higher values than just the weight of their metal. The rarity, condition, and age of the coin can factor into the market value as well. They are different from silver or gold bullion which are minted solely for metal value and have never been used as legal currency. Numismatic coins are collected as a form of a hobby and also to accumulate wealth, and because of this are afforded certain advantages in the tax codes. You should always consult your tax professional … [Read more...]