Let The Gold Rush Come To You

gold rush

Finding gold is not easy and that is clearly depicted on a show on The Discovery Channel entitled “Gold Rush Alaska”. The show features a group of amateur miners who were tempted by the rising value of gold so they headed to Alaska to find and mine their gold fortune. They set their plan into action by buying a claim spot, mining equipment and a lot of cash on hand. The crew were rudely awakened to the harsh reality of gold mining when they got to Alaska. They met a lot of trials along the way such as frozen ground and broken equipment. Add to that the fact that they had to mine really … [Read more...]

Top Rated Mints Of The United States That Yield Coins

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Minting of coins in United States dates back to the late 17th century in 1792. The process began in mints based in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. However, due to increasing demands, there was tremendous shortage of coins and sufficient currency was not available for public use. As a result, the government adopted appropriate arrangements to introduce additional mints for increased production. Following the discovery of gold in Eastern and Western parts of United States, the government started minting gold coins. By the end of 19th century different mints were established in San Francisco, … [Read more...]

A Guide To Buying Gold Coins


If you’re interested in buying gold coins there are many options to choose from. You first need to understand the differences between gold coins which can be bullion or numismatic.  Each have different benefits and it’s important to know the differences so you can make the best decision according to your needs in order to reach your goals.  Gold can work in your favor if chosen correctly. Bullion: Bullion gold coins are the pure form of a precious metal which are valued by the Gold content.  The bullion market has a spot price that you can find everyday either by using the web or … [Read more...]

Reasons for Gold

$20 liberty gold coin

There are many reasons for investing in gold today. Safe haven Gold has proven to be an excellent safe haven during crises no matter how short or long the crisis’ duration was. Even if the next crisis cannot be predicted or foreseen, gold will still hold strong. But today, many “black swans” have surfaced in just the last two years, making the markets susceptible to the beck and call of such events. Hence, gold is appreciated as a short-term hedge against an unstable economy. As for a longer term effect, gold gains its owners confidence in view of increasing inflation; … [Read more...]

Gold Trading As A Means To Accumulating Wealth

gold wealth

As the financial markets exploded with every type of product available and took over the economic scene, the popularity of gold as a form of savings slowly faded. However, with the onset of the global economic crisis, and many of these wonder accounts and funds on tax payer funded life support, the popularity of owning gold is making a comeback. At present, the price of gold is increasing at a remarkably steady pace. Trading with gold has many benefits and one of those benefits is that gold is money in and of itself. It is not printed into being by a government or created by accounting at a … [Read more...]

A Guide To Selling Gold Coins

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Gold has instant liquidity in many parts of the world. Gold is also a currency that is recognized worldwide and has been for thousands of years. An ounce of gold is used as a standard to value all of the currencies of the world against. No matter where you go you will be able to turn on the market news or do an internet search to find out what an ounce of gold is trading for that day in the local currency. Many dealers may wish to bid on your coins should you decide to liquidate, however it is suggested to develop a relationship with a trusted and established gold trading firm. Quite often … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins Consistently Great Performance

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Gold coins were minted between 1795 and 1933 both locally and internationally until President Franklin Roosevelt put a prohibitive order in place which precluded the personal ownership of gold bullion in America. Hence, many resorted to trading rare gold coins that did not fall under that prohibitive jurisdiction. Since their inception, rare gold coins have been outperforming gold bullion slowly but surely, creating a wider margin as they creep upwards in their value. There are many benefits in owning rare gold coins. Consistently Great Performance Owners of various rare gold coins … [Read more...]

Rare Gold Coins are Great Portfolio Diversifiers

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Investment Diversification A lot of financial experts recommend a mixed portfolio when it comes to investment, and this includes rare gold coins as they tend to be not as volatile in their value change as paper currency like bonds and stocks.  A portfolio can only be successful if you have a mixed portfolio that contains assets which do not move together along the same financial outlook or path so that your losses can be averaged out. Hence, rare gold coins are a good bet as an effective asset that is diversified for your portfolio. Quick Cash Established grading agencies like the … [Read more...]

To Buy or Not to Buy


There are many ways to buy gold coins as the demand for this shiny metal keeps increasing in 2010. Many interested buyers who are first time buyers have many questions about buying this commodity. They also need to know the advantages of this commodity. Gold possesses a many unique properties; it is considered the truest form of currency which has been used over many centuries. The gold price today is correlated to the US Dollar which sets the platform for trade on a universal basis. Physical gold comes in rare coins and bullion where both have about the same gold content but rare coins … [Read more...]

Gold Trading Benefits

gold benefits

Raising Funds through Gold Trading  Gold struck another high on 18th June 2010 at $1250 per ounce. There are many benefits to trading gold; some of the benefits include the steady prices of gold despite the economic changes, safety, potential for profits and less paper work. Options for Trading Gold Gold trading usually uses bullion coins which are government issued and are of different types that determines the coins prices. However, bullion coins are not numismatic or rare gold coins which are dependent on the quality, rarity and bullion content. There are many types of gold … [Read more...]